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George Simpson

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George R. Simpson is (according to his profile[1]) a former NASA scientist, writer, inventor and software developer. He is prolifically litigious,[2] and takes a very dim view of anybody criticising any of his work.

Unfortunately, his 'work' includes the 'ET Corn Gods Language/Game' which George claims to have spent over 20 years developing. This is basically a load of numerology tied up in some fairly complicated rules, that claims to show that there is 'a hidden language imbedded[sic] in the English language'. George has a method which he claims reveals this hidden language, and gives 'translations' of common words which he claims have messages hidden within them.

Of course, these messages in general reveal more about George than they do about any supposed hidden language, but they are good for a laugh. Many seem to involve sex, and some are downright odd. Perhaps not surprisingly, a significant number of messages seem to refer to George himself. Quelle surprise.


  • Breasts translates to Boobs (well who woulda' thunk it?)
  • Victory translates to Iraq Gulf War Story
  • Christians translates to 100 Hour War 1991, Bomb B 52 Attack Attack Attack (err… ok)
  • Jesus translates to GRS, Engineer GRS, George R. Simpson (GRS are George's initials of course…)

Quite what this is achieving is anyone's guess, and much is revealed when you check the actual rules of the game[4], which basically allow you to remove and insert characters at will, so any message you like can be produced from any starting word/phrase.

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