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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

RationalWiki allows you to create new articles in the Draft namespace. This allows people to work on articles which are not ready to "go live" or "air" in the main RationalWiki namespace.

Anyone can edit a draft article, so if you want to work on an article by yourself, you should create it in your sandbox instead.


To create a draft article, you can do a search for "Draft:Article name". If no article exists with that title, it will show up as a redlink (like this: redlink), and you can create a new article.

Moving to draft[edit]

An article can be moved to draft namespace if it is considered not ready for mainspace, for example if it is lacking references, is badly formatted, or is very incomplete. It should be moved using the relocate option, also used to change page titles, as described at Help:Page title.

Once properly edited it can be moved back to mainspace in the same way. If you are unsure if an article is good enough for mainspace, consult a moderator or other experienced user or ask in the Saloon bar.

Existing draft articles[edit]

There are some draft articles kicking around in a state of limbo (like dead babies floating around the Pope's head). Here is a list of all of them. You can search for one using the site search facility.


Even though draft articles have a lower standard than regular RationalWiki articles, they should still have the potential of being turned into proper articles. They should not be hopelessly off-topic, and should not be libellous or otherwise naughty articles.