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Hutaree is a Christian terrorist group in the United States which heavily based itself in End Times dogma.[1]

In March 2010 they were charged with plotting to murder a police officer and then bomb the resulting funeral in order to kill more police officers, who would almost certainly be attending their fallen colleague's remembrance.[2] Somehow killing police officers would cause all of America to rise up and install a Christian Theocracy. Instead of, you know, causing everyone to hate them because they killed cops and bombed a funeral.

They contacted other militia groups in the area for support and to have a safe house. The other militias turned them in as bombing a police officer funeral was too extreme for even the craziest militia.

One member also believed in a chain email that said that Obama was spending 20 million dollars to move Hamas over to America.[3]

Among the items found in the group's possession were multiple copies of the Left Behind "convert or kill" computer game.[4][5][6]


The Hutarees were acquitted of most charges in February 2011.[7] The judge believed that the impotent right-wing fantasies of heroism were not to be taken seriously. Most of their weapons were even returned.[8]

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  • Yes, they had a website, it's gone now, but preserved on the Wayback Machine, complete with apostrophe error.