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Ian Juby

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"Professor" Ian Juby is a young earth creationist who hails from Ontario, Canada. Juby is the director of the Creation Science Museum of Canada, as well as a member of Mensa — Juby is known for using his "high IQ" as an argument from authority when promoting creation science under his YouTube alias Wazooloo. He also allows himself to be presented as a "professor" and a "paleontologist" in his videos — despite having no known doctoral degrees (or indeed any degree at all) in any science-related field, or having taught at any university. Juby's repeated crank misrepresentations of the evidence can be found throughout his video series, including claims like "dinosaurs were vegetarians"[1] while presenting an incomplete dinosaur tooth fossil, and "reptiles laid eggs while running from the flood"[2] referring to a 6 egg fossil laid in 2 rows of 3 (showing the animal was so scared it went back to lay another row…).

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