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Igor Panarin is a Russian analyst and professor. In 1998 he forecast that the United States would collapse economically and politically within the following decade.[1] Panarin supports Russian nationalism and the pan-Eurasian ideology of Nikolai TrubetzkoyWikipedia.[2]

Prediction for 2010[edit]

Beginning in 1998, Panarin predicted the break-up of the United States into six parts in 2010. He specified the time of the disintegration to the end of June or the beginning of July in December 2008,[3] following a civil war caused by mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation. He forecast financial and demographic changes provoking a political crisis leading to social unrest, civil war, national division and intervention of foreign powers.[4] It obviously didn't happen.[citation NOT needed]

The Breakup of the US[edit]

Panarin outlined the breakup of the US into six regions, each under the control or influence of other countries:

  1. Atlantic America: comprising the eastern seaboard and under the influence of the EU
  2. Central North American Republic:the great plains, from Ohio to Idaho. Part of Canada
  3. California Republic: California and the rest of the Southwest, under Chinese influence
  4. Texas Republic: comprising Texas and other southern states, goes to Mexico
  5. Alaska: taken back by Russia
  6. Hawaii: either goes to Japan or China

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