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If I were to create a list of questions to ask potential managers of my money, one of them would be: “Do you read the WSJ OpEds?” If the answer were yes, I would not walk but run in the opposite direction.
—Barry Ritholtz[1]

The Wall Street Journal (abbr. WSJ) is an esteemed, respected newspaper (ha!) owned by the Dow Jones Corporation, which focuses on business and financial market news. The tone is dry and respectful, and they don't have a comics page (possibly because the op-eds are enough of a joke already).

Anyone interested in economics has pretty much given up on WSJ. They used to have a decent mix of free and paid content, but now even the real-time economics blog is paid.

General decline[edit]

Since Rupert Murdoch's purchase of the WSJ in 2007, many to the left of wingnut have noticed its declining editorial standards:

The pandering has (predictably) made the comments section hilariously wingnutty and should be avoided at all costs.

On the other hand, the journalism and opinion sides are known to have a strict firewall. Murdoch had invested $125 million in TheranosWikipedia, and an opinion writer had written a fawning portrayal of the founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes. When Holmes found out one of their reporters was doing the long-overdue reporting that would expose her and her company as a complete fraud which was endangering people's lives, she tried to pressure Murdoch into killing the story. Murdoch refused to do so, and the resulting stories definitively proved Theranos was an outright scam and made it clear Holmes was a massive con artist; she ultimately ended up convicted and sentenced to prison. So there's that.[4]

Noted writers[edit]

Former or current opinion contributors and journalists for the Wall Street Journal that stand out for some reason or another.

Racialist letter signatories[edit]

"Mainstream Science on Intelligence,Wikipedia" a public letter that defended The Bell Curve, received publication in the Wall Street Journal on December 13, 1994. It had 52 signatories. Some are listed below.

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  1. Having a noted medical non-expert (in fact, a noted "expert" at promoting medical woo) like Suzanne Somers write (badly) about the economics of the Affordable Care Act was part of a blatant appeal to celebrity the WSJ was trying in the early-mid 2010s, in a clear sign of a decline in its rigor. Around this time period, the WSJ drafted many famous entertainers (such as Pat SajakWikipedia and Morgan FairchildWikipedia among others) to write on financial and political topics that they were way out of their depth on. Bizarrely, this was often done under the special report title "The Experts"[2]


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