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Ikclaimmijnnaam.nl (Ik claim mijn naam, translates to I claim my name), is a Dutch conspiratorial website which ascribes to a special kind of woo that mixes some sovereign citizen ideas with new age ‘self actualization’ and the like. They will help you find “true sovereignty and freedom” and have designed an exceptionally silly and bureaucratic method to achieve this. They also have an Appetite For Random Capital Letters.

So how does it work?[edit]

According to the authors of ikclaimmijnnaam.nl , the Dutch state 'owns' the names of all its citizens from the moment their birth certificates are signed. The site never really explains what this ownership of names actually is, but the State haz your namez!!! Luckily, ikclaimmijnnaam.nl is here to help you out and get the ownership of your name back. You do this by sending a bunch of letters to municipal authorities and posting an ad in a national newspaper together with some other loonies publicly declaring your name to be yours. The guide to claiming your name quite aptly explains that 'if the municipal authorities say they can't do anything with your request, they are right.' After you've claimed it, you write your name "John; of the family Jones" in contrast to "John Jones", which is super neato. The organization behind the website will then send a 'declaration of sovereignty' to the Dutch king telling him that your legal person is now also yours. If he doesn't reply within six weeks then the letter you've sent will magically become a binding declaration of independence and, huzzah: you are now a Sovereign Human, for whatever the hell it's worth. Your "slavery to the Dutch state will be broken", and now you can do "some very nice things".[1]

To give you a feel for what kind of folks we're dealing with here:

By claiming your name in the step by step process as described here, you end the use of your name by the State. The conscious disconnection of your biological Humanity as a Free creature of flesh and blood from the judicial entity that is a Natural person as thought up by the government, gives you back control over your unique name, as written on your birth certificate which is kept by the municipality where you were born. The benefits are too many to summarize here, but the first practical one is that your name can't be used or spread without your prior permission.”[2]

So what does it do?[edit]

If the King doesn't reply within six weeks, your name can no longer ‘be used without your permission’, and one more 'free human' escapes his royal tyranny, or something like that. The website and its associated Facebook groups and YouTube channels never seem to be able to agree what actual benefit the whole process brings, or why the Dutch state would even allow this to happen if they actually owned your name. When you've 'escaped slavery', you can call yourself “Sovereign Human of Flesh and Blood”, unlike those other State-owned humans, who are unworthy of a capital H. Now you can join a cool club with other Sovereign Humans, talk about sovereignty on the internet and “negotiate with the tax services” on not paying taxes for bombs or jet fighters.[3] Yeah, good luck with that.

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