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Suppress the dissenters
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Infofascism consists of limiting the nature of public discourse, usually accomplished by censorship, framing, or inundation. Control the dissemination of ideas, and you control the people.

Censorship consists simply of preventing certain ideas or information from ever becoming public.

Framing is the use of carefully chosen words or phrases in order to prejudice people in the direction desired when they discuss or consider an issue. Newt Gingrich actually produced a fairly short list of "code words" and phrases that were used by his proteges that were running for Congress in 1994 in order to defeat the Democrats, in addition to his Contract on America. He was successful in taking over the House of Representatives for the GOP, and was subsequently elected Speaker of the House.

Inundation is a tactic where instead of limiting or warping information, a torrent of information is created, which serves to make it much more difficult to find the "truth".

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