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Jan Markell

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Jan Markell is the owner of Olive Tree Ministries, a Christian fundamentalist, and radio show host in Minnesota. She is apparently a good friend of Michelle Bachmann and often has her as a guest on her radio show. She constantly warns her audience of not only the dangers of creeping sharia and "socialism", but also the forces of the occult like Harry Potter or Pokémon.

One form of crazy to another[edit]

Jan is of Jewish descent, claiming that she had gotten saved at a young age by the Messanic Jewish preacher Hyman Appleman. Yet she would later dabble in the occult at Christian college where she had claimed that not only did people "drive 100 miles to put their hands on the glass object, ask the board questions, and have it spell out answers",[1] but that she was actually able to move the "glass object" with no hands on it![1] Finally she asked the Ouija Board where did it get its power and it spelled S-A-T-A-N ![1] so she renounced the devil and rededicated her self to Jesus. This would lead her on the road to founding Olive Tree Ministries where she could rant against "evil" like Harry Potter[2]every Saturday.

Getting political[edit]

On her show, Jan would often invite Michelle Bachmann, and she would give wonderful commentary about how Obama is helping the Anti-Christ rise to power [3] or about how sharia law is coming soon to America.[4] Jan of course naturally agrees with this which is probably why Bachmann seems to be her most frequently recurring guest. Jan also believes that Minnesota would be destroyed by the acceptance of gay marriage.[5]

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