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Nevertheless, Hector’s path to speeding up the progress of the revolution was fraught with contradictions. The resumption of his politicized drug trafficking alienated many comrades, despite earning him admiration for willingness to openly defy the state.

Other aspects of the criminal underground like prostitution networks was something explored for a time, but ultimately rejected. Hector had internalized the ethical communist regulative idea to such a degree that he could not engage in the kind of male chauvinist manipulation of women that being a pimp in the sex industry entails. Strong-arm robbery was a another path never returned to, as the previous experience led straight to state repression. In short, forays into certain kinds of criminal activity by famous revolutionary movements of the past would not be something Hector would try to duplicate.[1]

The Leading Light Communist Organization (LLCO) is an international communist organization that has branches in the USA, Bangladesh, and Ghana.[2] It has developed a new ideology centred on a type of cult around 'Science'.[3][4] The head of the organization was Commander Prairie Fire, a.k.a. Brennen Ryan, a.k.a. "El Hector" (1973–2018).[1][5] Jason Unruhe (1981–) is a former member of the LLCO in 2017, and continues to support it. Their declared goal is to liberate all of the Third World.


The fundamental belief of the LLCO is that the proletariat of the First World is too rich to be considered proletarian. It is part of the bourgeoisie.[6][7] They often refer to the Third World as the 'Proletarian World'. According to their ideology, the First World leaders super-exploit the working class of the Third World, to pamper the working class in their own region. Notably, the organization says that their position is the same as Lenin's because there is no Socialist State. They are largely pro-Mao: there is, however, somewhat of a disagreement among their members about that. LLCO opposes Israel and supports the Palestinians.[8] They have declared Communist Party of India (Maoist) Naxal guerillas a democratic force.[9]

They have also devised a so-called strategy, which they say is the ideological super weapon that will help them take over the world. Global People's War is the name of the strategy. It is gradually, occupying one Third World country after country and detaching them from the global economy. This will, they hope, deprive resources from the First World and cause its economic collapse.

Dictatorship in the First World[edit]

The LLCO has written in some places about imposing the dictatorship of the Proletarian World on the First World, Even though they have not explicitly written about an invasion, no other explanation of how that could be achieved has been given. (The obvious problem is that the governments of the First World will never allow the creation of a global communist bloc with the intention of invading and taking over the world).[10]

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