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Liberty Counsel is a right-wing nonprofit organization whose stated purpose is preserving religious liberty and helping people discover Jesus "the truth that will give true freedom."[1] In reality, they're a disgusting and hypocritical organization that works to preserve the rights of fundamentalist Christians to force their beliefs onto others by any means necessary, especially the legal system. They until recently spent most of their time and efforts attempting to defeat marriage equality. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as an extremist hate group.[2][3] It remarkably shows when its founder, Matt Staver, opposes Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018 (a bill that would make lynching a federal crime... for the first time in history) because the bill included protections for gender identity and sexual orientation, which, to Staver, is just a way to sneak in protections for gender identity and sexual orientation in things like employment. Not only is this vicious, it's also idiotic because there are already protections for those two provisions in the federal hate crime laws.[4]

They have also opposed the rights of transgender individuals to adopt children, and have defended laws that criminalize gay sex.

Million Dollar gospel tracts[edit]

Liberty Counsel helped Great News Network continue their distribution of Ray Comfort's "million dollar" gospel tracts after illegal seizure by the Secret Service.


Liberty Counsel has suggested or insisted on several occasions that people should boycott organizations that are seen as "pro-gay" or not sufficiently "pro-Christmas".[5][6] At the same time, they have complained that "gays" are using boycotts "economic terrorism" in their struggle for equality.[7]