List of prominent alien species

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Name Characteristics Picture
Gray aliens[1][2]
  • Also called "Grays", "Zetas", or "Zeta Reticulians" (or more colloquially, "Ayy lmaos").
Grays tend to vary from account to account, but depictions usually contain most of the following characteristics: gray skin (duh); a bulbous head; a lack of hair; and large, black, almond-shaped eyes, with the nose, mouth, ears and sex organs rudimentary or absent. Grays are often, but not always, naked; their stature and overall demeanor tends to vary, with some depicted as tall and graceful and others as squat and dwarfish. Most accounts describe them as small, about the size of a nine-year-old human child. Alienigena.jpg
"Little green men"Wikipedia Exactly what it says on the tin. The "default alien", usually from Mars, before everyone started watching The X-Files and seeing "Grays" under every bed (though possibly, little green men simply blew themselves and their civilization up). One wonders how they had time to visit Earth what with their hydraulic and monumental art projects on Mars. Some newer versions have them as essentially green versions of the Grays (an alien version of Andy SerkisWikipedia?). Marciano Genérico.JPG
  • Also called Nordic aliens, Space Brothers, Plejaren, Tall Whites[5]
Pleiadians are supposed to be better-looking versions of us. They nearly always lack pigmentation in their skin and hair, giving them an albino appearance. They are said to have either a Nordic/"Aryan" appearance, or an Asian appearance similar to Grays. As a rule, Pleiadians don't carry around much excess fat, although females are known to have curvy figures. They don't usually have curly hair or beards. Nordic alien.svg
  • Also called Draconians, Saurians, Snake People or "Sneople".
Tall, scaly humanoids. With so many idiotic, crazy, implausible conspiracy theories out there, this still manages to be particularly stupid, with claims that these reptiles are actually shape-shifters and that any number of prominent people are "really" reptilians in disguise as "proven" by the "occasional failure" of their camouflage (what sane people living in the real world call camera glitches, such as the red eye phenomenon and similar optical quirks). Iguana.jpg


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