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Pleiadians, also known as The Eldar, Nordic aliens or Plejaren are fictional humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars, and they're really really really concerned about Earth and our future. (Since the Pleiades are a pretty group of stars and since they're even more beautiful through telescopes, anything connected with them has to be good and kind, right?) So concerned are they, they've contacted[1] certain[2] special[3] people[4] to[5] channel[6] them[7] and[8] convey their message. Which isn't always consistent. The Pleiadians either came from a group called the Lyrans[4], or coexisted with the Lyrans,[3] or the distinctions between Lyran, Pleiadian, and Sirians don't really exist.[3] Native Americans are of Pleiadian descent,[2] or white people are of Lyran descent,[4] or humans are of no notable relation to either.[3] They can either switch between the third and the ninth dimension,[9] or they exist solely in the fifth dimension[4] (which is apparently made of love and creativity), or just live in non-specific dimensions higher than three.[6] Basically, the only things generally agreed upon by the Pleiadians themselves is that they want to help Earth and "help" humanity ascend to higher dimensions.


Pleiadians are humanoids, better looking versions of us. They nearly always lack pigmentation in their skin and hair, giving them an albino appearance. Many Pleiadians have an Asian appearance similar to grays. As a rule, Pleiadians do not carry around much excess fat, although females are known to have curvy figures. They don't usually have curly hair or beards. Indeed, humans and Pleiadians share ancestors, since Earth was once a Lyran colony.

Despite this, certain differences are profound, as some races inhale nitrogen (N2) and exhale nitrous oxide (N2O).[10]:68 Which means that Pleiadians got cellular respiration completely backwards. Though it is true that some organisms reduce molecular nitrogen, this is a very endergonic process used to obtain it, not for respiration. Using nitrogen oxides as electron acceptors is possible —a process called denitrification—, but then Pleiadians should inhale nitrous oxide and exhale molecular nitrogen,[11]:47 not the other way around as claimed.

The Pleiadian diet and digestive system are arguably "exotic." Food is ingested from the mouth, broken down by an organ that vaguely resembles a stomach and transported through millions of capillaries to the skin, since Pleiadians accomplish excretion through their pores.[10]:70 The intestines are still present but vestigial in most races, to the extent that they can be up to 6 to 8 feet shorter.[10]:70 Fortunately, their clothing can reabsorb waste and convert it into lubricant.[10]:70 What selection pressure caused them not to use the anus for excretion and being constantly lubricated is anyone's guess. Pleiadians refuse to consume meat,[10]:70 despite the fact that their short intestines are appropriate for that.

The skeleton is more cartilage than bone, thus being less prone to break.[10] Unfortunately, this must make the skull and thoracic cage more inept to protect the vital organs they encase. Regarding the brain, its frontal lobes are bigger to give better sense of intuition, because guessing is apparently much more important than reason. The "rear lobes" —did they mean cerebellum?— are more developed as well for multidimensional visualization.[10] It is noteworthy that despite being our sister species, we humans have spatial reasoning thanks to our cortex, which is definitely not in the rear part of the brain.


No particularly elaborate theory is really needed to work out why humans came up with aliens who looked so human. As such, their beauty is reminiscent of African/Egyptian gods and goddesses or angels, who are usually pleasing to look at. "Human" aliens have been a staple of science fiction from the beginning. Erich von Däniken suggests that humans are deliberately designed to look like their makers. In Star Trek, it was easier for actors to fit into human type suits.

Pleiadians and Nordic aliens were a staple of the early contactee (as opposed to abductee) trend of people like George Adamski. Pleiadian statements tie in nicely with the spiritualist and theosophist beliefs of the early twentieth century. They're also a bit like the guy out of the original The Day the Earth Stood Still (he was from Venus though). As the hippie thing died down, and the 1970s became more cynical (Watergate and all), so Pleiadians took a back seat from contact and moved into channelling. The far right likes them as well, and the whole Maria Orsic legend seems tied up with them. (She is said by some to be one herself.)

Most of all, they're the aliens you'd enjoy a nice quiet cup of tea with down at the yoga centre, rather than being eaten or cruelly ruled over by (reptoids), or having foreign objects lodged in your rectum by (grays).

Notable characters[edit]

Ashtar Sheran[edit]

Ashtar Sheran, a supposed extraterrestrial intelligence, is the central character of an Internet-based UFO/spiritualist/New Age cult which does not really have a name. Other characters seen in this cult include Pleiadians, "Mother/Father God", "Adama", etc. The cult is based on the New World Order and Illuminati conspiracy theories, but it does not rely on meaningful evidence at any time. Rather, the only form of information it employs is a "continuous revelation" from multiple different beings about secret knowledge and imminent transformation. This format seems to be derived somehow from its predecessor, the NESARAWikipedia conspiracy cult, which was also Internet-based.

The number of readers of Ashtar's messages is difficult to determine, since most communication is done over the Internet, but is clearly quite large. "Messages from Ashtar" are generally translated within 24 hours into a dozen languages for the sake of foreign believers.

The general conspiracy theory runs as follows:

  • Aliens are all over. They are in the skies every hour of the day. They want to reach out to us, and some of them already have.
  • However, they are unable to land on Earth due to the machinations of the Illuminati.
  • "The government" knows everything but is refusing to tell us.
  • At a moment in the very near future, called "Disclosure", world governments will admit the existence of the great conspiracy, the aliens will land, and the Illuminati will fall.
  • Until then, cultural change and spiritual transformation is needed to prepare for the arrival of the aliens.

As you can learn on Wikipedia, the Ashtar cult's previous form in NESARA deprived many naive believers of a lot of money, including one grandmother who lost her life savings.


  • Alena ― Female Pleiadian astronaut.
  • Menara ― Female Pleiadian astronaut.
  • Ptaah — 775-year-old male white Pleiadian, son of Sfath and father of Jucata, Pleija and Semjase. He is fluent in Greek as a result of having lived in Greece during the 17th century.[12]
  • Semjase ― Female Pleiadian from the planet Erra. At the time she was 330 years old ―still young in her species― she contacted Billy Meier. She is knowledgeable in diplomatic exopolitics, robotics, space travel, teleportation technology and xenolinguistics.
  • Shasha ― A self-described socio-cultural engineer/anthropologist. She is a 340 year old female, weighing 100 pounds and standing at 5 feet tall ―BMI 19.5―, with almond eyes and invisible skin tone.[13]

New Age Connections[edit]

Pleiadians are somehow connected to Atlantis[3] and Lemuria.[4] Reiki, ear candling, Shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, and crystal healing all came from the Pleiadians[6]. The Pleiadians brought dolphins to Earth – we know so because JFK's spirit has contacted a human through automatic writing to tell us so.[14] Jesus was a Pleiadian, as was his father,[4] though his mother was Lyran. They love sex[9] (the Pleiadians do, not Jesus and his family… though they must too if they're Pleiadians). The Pleiadians are helping us fight the evil space reptiles[8] (and you thought we couldn't connect this to Reptoids) as part of the battle against the Illuminati. They are Old, Old, Old Earth creationists, and think Earth is 626 billion years old.[4] Pleiadians are apparently truthers.[1]

According to Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn, the common ancestors of both humans and Pleiadians came from another universe (!), and seeded various worlds in our universe (including Earth) with their DNA. Yes, aliens that evolved in a completely different universe, presumably with its own laws of chemistry (and physics), have DNA. The Pleiadians appeared before we humans did, and ascended to the next "evolutionary stage" or the Akashic plane or some such nonsense. And wonder of wonders, this moment in history just happens to be the time at which humans are about to reach the same "evolutionary stage" that the Pleiadians already have. And the Pleiadians want to help their "younger siblings."

And the Pleiadians just might have been doing something good and kind in the year 2012[2] to counter gloom and disaster instead of spreading it.[15] If they did, it seems to have not been something that anyone actually noticed.

Pleiadian cosmology[edit]

The speed of light in the vacuum is not constant. It differs from the usual Young Earth Creationist c-decay hypothesis though. Not only did ancient photons travel faster, they still do. Besides, it can still vary among photons of the same age, since the speed of light depends on the proximity to mass and gravitational fields too. The Pleiadians have still not explained how could human scientists not have noticed this. Through technological means, Pleiadians can travel back in time and to higher dimensions, and contact the beings that inhabit those realms. About 1049 known universes form the Absolutum, and Pleiadians classify them into three categories, though only two of them are known first hand.[16]

The Solar System formed from an accretion disk, but the process took considerably longer than what human scientists measured. The Sun is 1.73×1012 years old and Earth is 6.26×1011 years old, from whence they were “gas balls.” Our universe or “New Creation” in Pleiadian terms, is 4.7×1013 years old and will last for another 3.11×1014 years before it “sleeps again.” Pleiadians have confirmed the Big Bounce hypothesis, so after our universe collapses a new one will begin immediately. Unless the nature of dark energy reverses, our universe will not end up collapsing upon itself.

In actuality[edit]

The actual Pleiades

The actual Pleiades is an open star cluster, about 400 light-years from Earth. It consists of 7 stars that are visible to the naked eye and a bunch that are too dim to see without a telescope.

The cluster is very young, no more than 150 million years old. Any planets orbiting the stars of this cluster would also be equally young. In fact, when the Earth was 150 million years old, it was still in the Hadean eon, characterized by regular impacts from asteroids and comets. Its surface was largely molten due to the constant, relentless impacts. It would be another two billion years before oxygen first appeared in its atmosphere.

In other words, if space aliens did evolve on any of the (hypothetical) worlds in the Pleiades cluster, they'd be the equivalent of bacteria.[citation NOT needed]

Occasionally, moonbats claiming to be Pleiadians pop up on Earth and attempt to act human, such as the Green Party spoiler candidate for Ohio's 12th Congressional District, Joe Manchik.[17]

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