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Lucas Werner, also known as Olympiaatheist, hails from Spokane, Washington. He operates a website called Conversation Our Age, which advocates the view that men mature much slower than women, so that a 35-year-old man is the equivalent of a girl in her mid-teens.

Conversation Our Age is written in a style reminiscent of Time Cube and features a combination of pseudoscientific theorizing with just plain word salad, along with pictures that obscure parts of the text from view. Werner uses the fact that telomeres get shorter with age to argue that the best babies are produced by older men with younger women. His view that men under 35 are "larval" and that the age of consent for men should be 35 is just plain bizarre. So, too, is his claim that his own semen possesses anti-aging properties derived from telomerase, which is why women should give him "blow jobs and anal".[1] Although, a woman of his preferred age (under 20) probably wouldn't be interested in anti-aging products anyway.

Werner has also promoted the same views on other social media. In real life, he made national news for being banned from Starbucks after hitting on a teenage barista. Since the age of consent in Washington is 16 and the barista was at least that age, Werner claimed he had been discriminated against because of his age and threatened to sue.[2]


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