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Word salad

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A cloth embroidered by a person with schizophrenia
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The film is nothing more than the cart issues, wishes ramp and that lashbone, be hydrodash-tower, and cramp seven lash. Milbord zakt feebled-seven, tilsubatidemisemistupan.
—Terry Bruge-Hiplo, Movie Reviews[1]

Word salad is a term applied to rants that completely fly off the rails of normal grammar and meaning.

Not your typical deli salad[edit]

The most obvious example, of course, is the Time Cube website. Many other people manage to diverge into what "looks like" a human language, but on deeper exploration (called "reading") proves to be utter nonsense.

Someone's rant may be called "word salad" if their beliefs are so extreme that their screed appears nonsensical to the average person. Incels and members of the autistic dark web are examples of people whose manifestos may be dubbed word salad.

Mental disorders[edit]

If a usually coherent person begins speaking in word salad, this is usually a sign they need to see a doctor, sometimes urgently. Word salad (schizophasiaWikipedia) can be a sign of:[2]

Toxic word salads[edit]

"Word salad" can also colloquially refer to a type of gaslighting in which an abuser jumps rapidly from one topic to the next, making many accusations and moving on before the target can defend themselves.[5][6] The goal is to deflect, confuse, and silence. While this is frequently described as an issue in abusers who have narcissistic personality disorder, any abuser (regardless of diagnosis) is capable of doing this.

This is different from typical word salad because the abuser's misuse of language is strategic. They are using it to browbeat someone, not attempting to earnestly express themselves (or just goof off).

Just having fun[edit]

Word salad generators are sometimes written by beginning programmers for the sake of amusement.


  • The homeless thumbtacks absolve unsophisticated US Navy aircraft carriers
  • Her dubious Pokémons untie white-male okras
  • My incompetent universitys swim pretty microwaves
  • His natural hotels putrefy foreign contradictions
  • Their worthless anythings extrude illegal riddles

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