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Luis Alfonso Gámez

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Luis Alfonso Gámez[1] is a Spanish journalist and hyperactive skeptic. He covers the whole gamut of skeptical ideas including conspiracy theories, homoeopathy and the existence of God.


He founded the Spanish skeptical organisation circuloesceptico (Skeptics circle)[2] and the Basque version of Skeptics in the Pub called enigmas y birras (puzzles and beers).[3]

Current activity[edit]

He has a regularly updated blog, magonia, [4] associated with a somewhat intermittent podcast which can more properly be regarded as record of his radio frequent radio interviews. [5]

In 2011 he produced a series of documentaries on common objects of modern scepticism with the Basque broadcaster EITB. The pilot programme asked, "Did we go to the moon?",[6] and the follow-up programme was about alternative medicine and asked, "Does it work for you?"


He has written La Cara Oculta del Misterio (the hidden face of the mystery) a skeptical book about the paranormal. [7] He also collaborated on the book "Skeptical Odysseys: Personal Accounts by the World's Leading Paranormal Investigations" [8] which included essays by many well-known British and American skeptics and scientists.