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Matt Dillahunty

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Dillahunty in 2015, possibly saying sinful stuff
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Matt Dillahunty (born March 31, 1969) is the current host of the webcast and cable access television show "The Atheist Experience", and from 2006 to 2013 served as the president of the Atheist Community of Austin. He is also a founder of the comprehensive counter-apologetics Wiki "Iron Chariots".

Dillahunty is an outspoken atheist and fierce advocate of the concept of separation of church and state. Having been raised as a fundamentalist Baptist and having studied with the intent of going to seminary and becoming a minister before his bout of apostasy, Dillahunty is familiar with the worldview of Christian fundamentalists, and very knowledgeable about both the history and the text of the Bible. While he is not formally educated in any scientific field, he has amassed enough of a working knowledge of biology, cosmology, and geology to defend these fields from creationists, including Ray Comfort. Dillahunty does not claim to have any expertise in any of these fields and will frequently admit that his knowledge is limited, even as he soundly schools creationists who declare their own willful ignorance of science.

Debating Jordan Peterson[edit]

In 2018, invited by Pangburn Philosophy, Dillahunty debated Jordan Peterson[1], who might not be a creationist but is a christian believer with plenty of stupid beliefs. After a brief introduction, Dillahunty sat down with Peterson. While firstly (and annoyingly) congratulating Peterson on being a nuisance to the "Social Justice Warriors", Peterson couldn't help himself but make wacky statements that Dillahunty had to engage. Among them (but not only):

  • You can't stop smoking addiction without having a "mystical experience" [2]
  • Atheists deep down do believe in God, otherwise they would kill each other (Peterson not understanding secular morality).[3]
  • Beheading someone is not detrimental to their well-being.[4]
  • Just like how secular morality is open to change and revision, the New Testament is the "Bible 2.0 update" to the Old Testament (Peterson not understanding that the Bible is composed of both and not an "update").[5]

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