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Maoist Internationalist Movement

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Founded in 1983 as the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) was a clandestine Maoist movement in the USA. Its origins lie in a radical group at Harvard University. They developed an ideology known as MIM Thought, and had only a post office box as an address. It is likely that the only branch that ever existed was the Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika (yes, that's not a spelling error).[1] There is no sign of any international presence.


The organization was truly clandestine, and no names were ever given of any members. They were only listed as MIM Comrade X. The organization frequently wrote about saboteurs and enemies, and Prairie Fire (head of LLCO) said that it had become a security cult. After dissolution of MIM, it was revealed that Henry Park (–2011) was the founder.[2]


The organization's main publication was MIM Notes [3]. Starting from September 24, 1984 and ending in May 2006, 335 issues were published.

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