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Sexual Bolshevism

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A lunatic Chaplin imitator
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First as tragedy
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It slowly started off by homosexuality becoming acceptable, now it's starting to justify pedophilia, and eventually will lead to accepting bestiality and necrophilia in the future. America, Europe, Australia and the whole world is doomed. Cultural Marxism is the best weapon the Jew has ever used so far, after realizing Communism will not win.
—YouTube comment on young boy twerking at a gay pride parade (with a few grammar corrections).[1]

Sexual Bolshevism is a term used by the original Nazis as a snarl word for sexual permissiveness in general, and now by neo-Nazis who believe that the gay agenda is being led by Bolsheviks (or communists in general), often as part of a greater international Jewish conspiracy promoting cultural Marxism and degeneracy in order to undermine the "descendants of the god-men of Hyperborea and Ultima Thule",[2] i.e. the Nazified Aryan race.

Historical usage[edit]

The phrase originated in Weimar Germany in the 1920s, coined by Pastor Ludwig Hoppe of Berlin as a more general term of approbation at licentiousness.[3]

The advance of doctors, psychologists and social workers into the arena of human sexuality during the Weimar era (as well as the feminist movement, which many socialists supported) threw up a variety of conspiracy theories, especially amongst more conservative aspects of society, who wanted a return to die gute alte Kaiserzeit. Any form of sexual revolution was derided as promiscuity and leading to a rise in sexually transmitted infections (sound familiar?). The response of those who opposed "Sexual Bolshevism" was to promote eugenics and family values, which sounds like a lovely combination.[3]

When Nazi Germany came into being after the failures of the Weimar government, the Nazis used the term "Sexual Bolshevism" to refer to perceived sexual degeneracy, in particular homosexuality.[note 1] Hence, we have the modern-day usage.

Modern usage[edit]

The term's modern usage is ... well, as Metapedia once put it:

Sexual Bolshevism (also known as Sexual Perversion) encompasses a pattern of degenerate sexual behaviour in a few human beings. The category includes homosexualism, [sic] pedophilia, miscegenation, transsexualism and bestiality. [...] Along with third-world miscegenation and abortion, homosexuality is a primary [perversion] promoted in society, under the guise of "tolerance", "equality" and "diversity" as part of a rival Jewish supremacist [strategy] to attack ethnic European demographics.
Particularly after the failure of state-communism and working-class ethnic Europeans largely rejecting the attempt by the Judeo-Bolsheviks to enslave and destroy gentile society, radical Jewish supremacists began to mould Sexual Bolsheviks into a new proletariat. They feature as tools alongside other manipulated participants in identity politics currents, such as third-world immigrants and radical feminists. In the area of the homosexual agenda; inspired by the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School, a group of US-based Jews developed a variation of critical theory which they call "Queer theory". Michael Warner,✡ Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick✡ and Judith Butler✡ are at the forefront of this.[4]

As of 27 December 2014, even Metapedia thought the term was a bit extreme, and has moved the page "Sexual Bolshevism" to the less insane-titled "sexual revolution",[4] and replaced large chunks of the article with quotes alleging homosexual recruitment, Jews running the pornography industry, and of course Jews inventing the sexual revolution and psychoanalysis as means to destroy true Aryan culture.[5]

A quick Google on the term will bring up a pile of other neo-Nazi inspired sites who remain fond of its continued use, however; one such example of this is the "Labour 25" website, which alleges that the UK Labour Party is riddled with Jewish child rapists, promoting sexual Bolshevism and cultural Marxism wherever it goes.[6] This website was favoured by the established but mostly defunct British National Party.[7]

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  1. This is quite ironic, as Maxim Gorky in the USSR was claiming that an end to homosexuality would destroy fascism.
    Gert Hekma, Harry Oosterhuis, James D. Steakley. Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left, Volume 29, Issues 2-3, Psychology Press, 1995. ISBN 9781560247241