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Michael Ruse (b. 1940) is a philosopher at Florida State University specializing in philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, and ethics.

Legal and scientific battles against creationism[edit]

He's done excellent work as a witness for science against creationism in the US courts, appearing as a key witness in the case of McLean v. Arkansas in 1981.[1] He has also dealt with creationism in a number of publications, debunking creationist arguments as well as documenting the history of the movement such as in his book The Evolution-Creation Struggle.[2]


Although an atheist himself, he opposes New Atheism[3] and advocates a more accommodationist approach.[4]

Ruse feels Templeton foundation critics at least sometimes overstate their case. "What I do dislike is the suggestion that those of us who are prepared to defend the Foundation and treat it like a genuine organization, rather than little better than Scientology, are therefore dupes and knaves."[5] Has the Templeton foundation ever been compared to Scientology?

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