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The National LGBT+ Police Network is the British national employee network for members of the LGBT+ community who are members of the police; like police officers, police community support officers (PCSOs), scene of crime officers and police staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus non-geographic police forces like the British Transport PoliceWikipedia and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.Wikipedia It is a confederation of the LGBTQ+ employee networks of each police force, working together to support each other.[1]

The employee networks exist to promote LGBT+ affairs such as promoting International Day Against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia (IDAHOBIT), work with LGBT+ communities for example create LGBT+ liaison officers to work against hate crime, take part in pride parades and support and encourage to of members on the LGBT+ community to be members of the policing family. It was established in 2014 to replace an earlier organisation, the Gay Police AssociationWikipedia which was disbanded in 2013 due to a funding cut by the Home Office. The Gay Police Association was formed in 1990, founded by four gay members of London's Metropolitan Police. The network’s motto and slogan is "Police with Pride".[2]

Those in Scotland are members of the Scottish LGBTI Police Association, which represents LGBT+ members of the policing family in Scotland.[3] While not members of the National LGBT+ Police Network, they are a fraternal organisation. Both organisations are members of the Europe-wide European LGBT Police Association,[4] an association of LGBT+ police networks such as G-Force for Ireland’s An Garda SíochánaWikipedia[5] and Netherlands' Roze in Blauw.[6]

Fair Cop[edit]

Members of the transphobic community created an online troll campaign called “Fair Cop”, with trolls on social media claiming to represent "gender critical" police officers, police staff and associate workers who feel that women's concerns are not being addressed and remove politics from policing. They claim to represent women, despite having no links whatsoever to the actual women's police employee network British Association of Women in Policing.[7] There is some evidence to show they have very limited connections to the police, [8] and to the Reclaim Party.

Much of what they do is troll members of the policing community, criticising initiatives that support members of the trans community, and especially police forces for flying the pride flag outside police stations during IDAHOBIT claiming that the pride flag is a political symbol and offensive against the "Peelian Principles"Wikipedia of the police being above politics.

They also troll against the National LGBT+ Police Network, because Fair Cop is often highly critical of what they do, saying they are against women and are not protecting women.

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