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Christian Police Association

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We believe consistent homoerotic sexual activity without repentance to be inconsistent with membership of the Association.[1]

The Christian Police Association (CPA) is an Evangelical Christian nutjob association for the British police. Despite the multicultural nature of the country, the CPA makes no attempt to hide their intent to proselytize and bring their religion in to the job.

The CPA requires that its members accept Biblical inerrancy and have a strong interest in proselytizing to colleagues and members of the public.[2]

Pray the crime away[edit]

The CPA, despite appearances, is no mere club for Christians within the police. They believe that prayer reduces local crime rates,[3] and they also run an initiative called Coact,[4] which aims to "Build bridges between the Police and the local Christian faith community." The possibility that this might also burn bridges between the police and non-Christians appears not to have occurred to them. As well as the problem of multiple religions and sects, the reality is that only a minority of citizens regularly attend religious services. They may as well be trying to fight crime by enlisting the services of Green Bay Packers fans living in Birmingham, England.

Home Office[edit]

The Home Office, the governmental department responsible for policing, seeing no problem in the CPA's highly divisive approach to policing, provides a £10,000 grant towards the cost of running Coact. As well as the problems of alienating non-believers and followers of different religions, providing money to a demonstrably homophobic and divisive organisation seems as wise as supporting a litter collecting initiative run by white supremacists.

Accusations of homophobia[edit]

The Christian Police Association has come into conflict with the Gay Police Association over the CPA's requirement that gay police officers who wish to join the CPA should remain celibate. [5]

Adopt a cop[edit]

The CPA runs a scheme through which members of the public can pray for a specific police officer. The officer provides a shopping list of things they'd like to happen and the volunteers contact God to make the necessary arrangements.[6]

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