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Sodomy is participation in any sexual act other than straight, Christian God-loving man on straight, Christian God-loving woman in the missionary position for the express and only purpose of making more little straight, Christian God-loving babies. It is important to note that sodomy, while having a bad name, can feel quite amazing.

Sodomy is legal in some but not all jurisdictions.[1] It is a whole lot of fun for some but not all people. Sodomy can come in many varieties, including fellatio and furrylingus, but is usually thought of as only referring to anal sex, also known as saddlebacking or buggery.[note 1] Performing acts of sodomy makes one a sodomite. Offering one's anus to an older gentleman in return for food and lodging makes one a catamite.

On January 1, 1962, Illinois became the first US state to legalize sodomy.[2] Penalties for sodomy in the other 49 states included fines and jail time that ranged from three months (in New York) up to life imprisonment (in Nevada), with some states having no absolute maximum term of incarceration. Many states also imposed fines and jail time for fornication, adultery and cohabitation.[3]

Biblical etymology[edit]

The word "sodomy" comes from the Biblical story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah found in Genesis 19. The conventional belief that homosexuality is the cause of Sodom's destruction comes from this chapter wherein two angels taking shelter in a home are targets of attempted rape at the hands of a male mob. Some of Judaism does not believe that homosexuality is the primary reason Sodom was destroyed, at least not exclusively, the attempted rape of the angels being seen as a symptom of their underlying wickedness. The Biblical book of Ezekiel states that Sodom's crimes consisted of pride and excessive luxury combined with a failure to help the needy. It also mentions unspecified "abominable acts."[4] Regardless, contemporary Orthodox Judaism is no more inclined to accept homosexual behavior than conservative Christianity or Islam.

The suggestion that lack of hospitality was the greater crime is affirmed by multiple Jewish sources and some liberal Christian sources have adopted this view as well.[5] Even Dante considered "treachery to guests" (9th circle of hell) to be a greater sin than homosexual behavior (seventh circle), which is the most evident crime in the story of Sodom.[citation needed]

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  1. Note that goldbuggery is unrelated to sexual intercourse, as is moldbuggery.