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Nodes of Science

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Our website offers a collection of literature and resources for people interested in the science of science communication. We also share toolkits for scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and skeptical inquiry.
—Nodes of Science[1]

Nodes of Science (NOS) is an "independent science outreach and communication project" that hopes to "encourage people’s natural curiosity for public science issues".[1] NOS operates websites nodesci.net (which operates as the main jumping-off point) and skeptiforum.org, as well as several social media groups and sub-websites.[2]


Keeping the Science. Removing the Fiction.
—SkeptiForum motto[3]

SkeptiForum's mission is to "promote respectful, evidence-based discussions".[4] SkeptiForum has useful resources on the following topics:

  • Good sources of information: Sources that are pro-science and pro-skepticism(link), sources "for finding and evaluating information"(link), science communication blogs/websites(link),
  • GMOs: Discussions include general GMO articles(link), Monsanto and glyphosate(link), pesticides in general(link)
  • Vaccines: A small list of vaccine resources(link)

As of October 2017, SkeptiForum was very inactive, at only ~20 posts in the past month.[3]

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