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Philip Davies

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The photo Mr. Davies provided to Wikipedia.
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God Save the King?
There is going to be a debate next Thursday about new equality legislation so we can ensure everybody in this country is treated with fairness, respect and not subject to prejudice and discrimination – and indeed cheap shots – from you.
—Harriet Harman, Minister for Equality[1]

Philip Davies is a member of the United Kingdom's Conservative Party and currently the Member of Parliament for Shipley, West Yorkshire. He is one of the most right-wing members of Parliament and appears to support the National Health Service spending money on homeopathy.

Davies' contribution to British Politics is three-fold. Firstly, he complains about anything he can think of at every opportunity to speak in the House of Commons.[2] He seems to enjoy using filibustering to stop bills passing on topics such as animal welfare and women's rights.[3] Secondly, he writes lots of letters to the Equality and Human Rights Commission to ask if different racist jokes are offensive enough.[4] Thirdly, he is a rallying point for those who campaign against political correctness. He has called for anti-male comments to be covered by hate crime legislation.[5]

Despite the three main parties being in consensus on the matter, Davies opposes the minimum wage and seems to think all of the nation's economic problems would be solved with the repeal of the Minimum Wage Act. Meanwhile, he thinks all of our social problems would be solved if prisoners had a truly horrible experience while behind bars, rather than any kind of education or rehabilitation. Also, any foreign nationals should be deported after their prison sentences.

He is one of six (out of 650) members of Parliament against any kind of reform of Parliament (a popular topic after the expenses scandal). Unsurprisingly, his expenses were some of the highest in the land.

In 2018 he was accused of trapping female comedian Luisa Omielan in his office at Westminster, holding the door shut to stop her leaving after a disputatious interview about healthcare.[6]