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Scat (not to be confused with Sport Competition Anxiety Test [1] or Scientific Computer Advanced Training [2]) is the technical term for the excrement of an animal or human. Scatology is the science of poop. Scatological language is poopy talk. Everybody does it, even people we like and respect do it.

Constipation or Conservapedia Bowel Syndrome is the name for the failure to remove scat at regular intervals.


An animal’s scat can tell scientists a great deal about its DNA, its state of health, reproductive cycle, whether there are toxins in its environment and much more. Dogs are trained to sniff scat out.[1]

A creature An animal that is a scatophage is a "poop eater". Flies, dung beetles and some others insects are scatophags. Young mammals such as elephants eat the scat of their mothers to show filial respect to get bacteria that they need to digest their food. Rabbits and some other small herbivores pass soft pellets which they eat again so more of their food is digested when food passes through the gut a second time.

Plants absorb nutrients from scat and other animal waste mainly through their root system; then we eat the plants.

Archaeology, paleontology, and scat[edit]

Dr Eric Ottleban Callen founded the scientific study of scat, so today archaeologists and palaeontologists analyze scat. That material can give useful information about the diet and health of people and amimals in former times. Dry dung is referred to scientifically as coprolite and can be treated with chemicals to make it soft and smelly as it previously was. Particles of bone, seeds and pollen found in coprolite provide evidence about the plant food that was ingested while charcoal gives evidence of cooking. Differences in composition of coprolite can give evidence of economic or social distinctions in what was eaten. There is uncertainty about the time interval between dumps.[2][3]

Ancient Israel[edit]

Naturally this part of archaeology includes ancient Israel, for example,

Another recent find in Jerusalem shows how much of the daily lives of ancient peoples archaeology can uncover. It's a toilet that probably dates from 587-586 B.C., the time of Nebuchadnezzer's successful siege of Jerusalem, when the Israelites went into the Babylonian Captivity. An examination of the coprolite residue at the toilet, says Marcus, found that during the siege people were reduced to eating raw meat covered with parasites and weeds.[4]

If Jesus was fully human he must have pooped.

Other examples[edit]

Radiocarbon dated poo shows that humans were in North America 14,000 years ago (before Young Earthers say the world was made).[5]

Yet one more example is Anglo-Saxon poo from Gloucestershire, England that has been a popular item on display at a science festival.[6]


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Caganeros for sale

In the Catalan region of Spain traditional Christmas nativity scenes include a squatting figure called the Caganer and he's his trousers down and he’s fertilizing the earth and sometimes the Caganer is even a lady. [3] The Roman Catholic Church tolerates it, well the Roman Catholic Church tolerates worse and priests have been known to do worse than encouraging children to look for a defecating figure in a religious scene. Usually the Caganer is tactfully well away from the baby Jesus but not always.


Martin Luther suffered a lifetime of difficulty removing poo from his bowels, see Trivia about Luther.


Scat also refers to sexual practices based around, well, poop. Since poop can contain nasty stuff like germs, playing with it requires appropriate attention to health safeguards.


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Scat is also, innocently enough, a style of vocalization in jazz, famously employed by Ella Fitzgerald. In Jerry Springer: The Opera one character with a scatological fetish starts scat singing (such is the height of the wit employed). If you're looking for companions for jazz singing and water polo, don't put up a personal ad expressing an interest in "scat and watersports." Or do.


Some [[philosopher\\s have noted that life is like a scat sandwich: The more bread you have, the less scat you have to take.

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