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Press TV

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Press TV is a 24/7 English-language international news channel based in Tehran and owned by the Iranian government that tries to present itself as an independent alternative to other international English-language media (Like Al Jazeera, but perhaps closer to RT). If you are in Iran and you would rather avoid floggings or worse you’d better not criticise Press TV too much.

The channel has a heavily antisemitic stance, something which has even led its website to run an article by the white nationalist Mike Stathis. In it, he argues that a Jewish mafia has taken over America and is discouraging whites from feeling pride in their race.[1]

Press TV had a subsidiary owned and operated in Britain, Press TV Limited which produced programming for it. The channel was investigated by the U.K.'s broadcasting regulatory body Ofcom after airing a staged interview. Press TV responded by conducting a survey: "77.82 percent of participants stated that the primary objective behind the UK government’s intensifying pressure on the Iranian news network was to silence the broadcaster because it sheds light on the dark side of British policies within and outside its borders" claimed Press TV.

The channel also stated that Ofcom "is mostly made up of former Channel 4 and BBC executives, some of whom are well-linked to and influenced by powerful pro-Zionist politicians" and that Ofcom's chairperson Colette Bowe "enjoyed the exclusive support of Peter Mandelson, the main economic planner of the Labour party who is a Jewish politician with an obvious Zionist mindset." [2]

Ofcom later went after the channel on the grounds that its licensed-in-Britain, owned-in-Iran set-up violated the Communications Act. Press TV was given the choice between either transferring editorial control to the UK, or transferring its broadcasting licence to Iran. Press TV did neither, and its license to broadcast in the U.K. was subsequently revoked.[3][4]

Press TV is still broadcasting 24/7 on satellite and streams over the Internet.

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