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La Nueva Televisora del Sur (teleSUR, The New Television of the South) is a pan-Latin American television network established by several Latin American countries in 2005. The establishment of the channel was initiated by Hugo Chavez. It is sponsored by the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Richard Stallman was on the advisory board that oversaw the launch of the channel, but he resigned in 2011 over the channel's coverage of the protests/revolution in Libya, calling it a "boring propaganda engine".[1] According to him, he had suggested that the channel should follow "the model of Al Jazeera", but his suggestion "was not heeded".[1]

The Spanish version of TeleSUR is basically a propaganda machine in the mold of Russia Today, praising the greatness of "dear leader" Hugo Chavez and his successors with any "news" stories from either a pro-Venezuela or anti-US standpoint if the facts can at all be manipulated or shoehorned into it.

There have been multiple incidents throughout the world where TeleSUR reporters have been harassed and beaten by oppressive regimes.[2][3]

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