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Q might refer to:

Attempting to redirect an article about the great and powerful Q to the article on the Q gospel makes Captain Picard facepalm.
  • Q or QAnon is the pseudonym for someone propagating the conspiracy theory known as "The Storm".
  • The Q gospel is a hypothesized collection of sayings of Jesus (from the German Quelle, meaning source).
  • The Q are a race of nigh-omnipotent beings from Star Trek. Thanks to the wonders of narrativium, stuff like the omnipotence paradox or the ability of the Q to just slag everything in sight were never much of a problem, although their gadgets in the James Bond films were pretty cool.
  • Q is an incredibly large unit of energy that is used to measure the amount of energy output on a planetary scale using convenient numbers. 1 Q is equivalent to 1.05×1021 joules.[1] Around the time the anthropogenic activity starts consuming 1 Q of energy, it will produce enough direct heat (i.e., not due to the greenhouse effect) to raise the global temperature by 1° C.
  • In thermodynamics, Q represents the net heat transferred into a system.
  • Q is the seventeenth letter in the English alphabet. It is fairly unique in that most other languages do not have a letter for the English "qu" (though the letter "q" is often used in transliterations, especially of Arabic languages and in Pinyin Chinese).
  • Quetzalcoatl — known as "Q" in the low-budget David Carridine film