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Quantum Jumping is a Quantum woo scam designed to sell a "meditation and visualization technique" method for tons of money. It was created by swindler and self-proclaimed "expert in yoga and meditation" Burt Goldman. It is marketed through a well produced video, inspirational with an almost motivational message and full of deep stinking bullcrap. He's probably made a killing so far.


You can probably imagine the looks I get when I describe Quantum Jumping to people: it’s a technique for ‘jumping’ into alternate universes, meeting alternate versions of yourself, and using their wisdom and skills to live your ideal life.

Do you want to meet a you who has qualities you lack or who made the right decision? Hand over your money for Goldman's method and let your imagination lead you into a well constructed delusion. Want to explore the mirror universe? Pay up and you'll see your opposite with a goatee up to no good shenanigans (though don't blame us if you get stuck with all the evil versions of your friends). Want to do this for free? Explore your imagination, that's all there is to it. Want to usefully meditate? Find one of many methods that is clinically proven to reduce stress and other benefits some of which can be learnt for free. Absolutely must do some Quantum Jumping? Get out your credit card and fill out the online form!

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