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April 2014[edit]

16The pot: Not even once. It's in Revelation, you know. (HT RWW.)
23Yep, Russia's screwed.
21The scandal of a generation! Somebody check if that isn't Lewinsky in costume!
18 Charles Krauthammer: "But we NEED anonymous donations. Otherwise, the government and evil liberals will persecute us for giving money to people lobbying against their rights!"
12If Vladimir Putin says that GMOs are bad he must be right. Right? After all, Putin's Russia is always standing up to oligarchic power right?
3Babi Yar happened. Ergo, enslave all Ukrainians.
20The economist whom economists have been referencing for over two decades (but who suddenly got popular) is unmasked: REDSREDSREDSREDSREDSREDS!!!!!!
23Google didn't have an Easter doodle. Three guesses who's shitting in their pants over it.
39Normally when you hear the claim that Darwin was Hitler's influence, you're talking to a crank or somebody with Mad Cow Disease. You don't expect it from Salon.
9Radio station asks the Question, "It's very controversial, but do you think victims of sexual assaults share any blame for what happens?" With options as either "No, women should be able to dress, drink, and walk as they choose without fear of being blamed." or "Yes, if women drink too much, dress too little or walk in harm's way they put themselves at risk". That radio station rightfully receives backlash and Sun News comes to the rescue because "FREEDOM!"
25Bryan Fischer, the beacon of freedom!
17Mama Sez: Phyllis Schlafly explains that equal pay for women prevents marriage. And besides, men deserve more money because they work in filth.
13Poe's Law on the WSJ: Give Rand Paul the presidential nomination. The Seventh Party System is here.
26Cattle round-ups: un-American and "just like Tiananman Square."
18She had me until the homosexual thought police
42Roseann Salanitri: If evolution is real, why don't Eskimos grow fur?
22Right Wing Watch are always pointing out the batshit insane things Gina Miller says. Obviously they are just tools of Satan.
20According to Gordon Klingenschmitt life begins before conception, "in the mind and heart of God."
18There are only a few politicians that can make the TSA look good.
27Who is it that really suffers during childbirth? Why, men, of course! I mean, risking death squeezing something the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon might be somewhat painful, but those heartless, inconsiderate bitches sometimes yell at the men present!
26Gay Rights Advocates Are Nazi 'Homofascists' Who Will Kill Christians, Rick Wiles Claims
33Daily Mail Femail: If your husband cheats on you, it's your fault and you should apologise.
-26Know Your Meme hits a new low, frontpages an anti-feminist rant and a eulogy for The Ultimate "queering doesn't make the world work" Warrior in the same day.
15Prospective UKIP candidate complains desperately wishes that gay people force their sexuality down his throat.
-30It was bound to happen that the U.S. Government would invest in a gasoline pillWikipedia.
16They're injecting you with disease in a conspiracy to weaken your immune system. Be afraid. And BTW buy our supplements.
31In which Pick-Up Artistry stops even pretending not to be explicit rape advocacy. WARNING: Return Of Kings.
10He spews too much bullshit for even Canada Free Press, so he's the perfect man to bring on TV to rebut the latest IPCC report.
25HOW DARE ANYONE STUDY OUR IRRATIONAL BELIEFS ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE! If we shout "DEFAMATION!" loud enough, then no one will ever dare study our Denialism and conspiracy theories.
31According to NaturalNews, the "most likely explanation" for MH370's disappearance is that it's being turned into a "massive stealth weapon" which "can now be outfitted with nuclear weapons."
18Veterans Today still believes MH370 was hijacked, this time by remote control.
37"Is this photograph proof that fairies are REAL?"
15The Kochtopus: Good god, it all makes sense!
33Homosexuality isn't real, because there's no gay cows.
45We aren't sure if God hates fags, but Satan fucking loves Lego.
23I truly want to believe this is happening... Erick Erickson must be playing Werewolf: The Apocolypse, because he's howling with outrage that a LARPer is running for office. Update: An article about nerds, religion and politics -Erickson's article is cited