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Timothy Francis "Tim" Ball[1] (1938–2022) was a credential-fudging denialist crank. He had no relevant credentials on climate change.

Credential fudging and climate denial[edit]

Ball was a professor of geography with a focus in historical climate who retired in 1996, but has been represented in the media as a "climatologist" (Canada's first, don'tcha know?) who has held a professorship for upward of twenty-eight years. However, he carefully omits this in his curriculum vitae.[2] When the Calgary Herald published a letter[3] that questioned the credentials listed for Ball (in an article in which Ball attacked Tim Flannery[4]). Ball sued for libel, while admitting that he had not been a professor for twenty-eight years.[5] (Don't think too hard about that or it might make your head hurt.) Before the suit was dropped (against 3 defendants), Tim Lambert of Deltoid dared Ball to sue him, too.[6] Lambert also expressed doubt over the relevance of Ball's research:

However, hardly any of those 51 publications are in scientific journals but include things like gardening magazines. I looked in Web of Science and could only find four papers by Ball, all on historical climatology, none on climate and atmosphere. I don't see how Ball can possibly win his case, but I guess that's not the point.[7]

Eli Rabett has created the "Tim Ball Award for Resume Stretching" in his honor.[8]

Even within the deniosphere, Ball didn't come up with anything new or impressive. All he did was constantly repeat points refuted a thousand times about solar cycles and how carbon dioxide is plant food. For example, take a look at his ingenious "refutation" of rising sea levels where he just puts some ice cubes in a glass and lets them melt.


Ball also seems to have been a creationist of some sort. In an op-ed in Canada Free Press, he wrote:

Even though it is still just a theory and not a law 148 years after it was first proposed, Darwinian evolution is the only view allowed in schools. Why? Such censorship suggests fear of other ideas, a measure of indefensibility.[9]

On his website, he attacked Richard Dawkins and claimed science, evolution, and environmentalism are religions. He also believed that the Bible's predictions have been just as verified as those made by science:

Perhaps the ultimate irony[10] is that the biblical views on nature, human roles and responsibilities are as logical as any other including modern environmentalism.[11]

When you take his global warming denialism together with creationism and his admiration for Immanuel Velikovsky,[12] there's clear evidence for crank magnetism.

Lawsuits turning around and kicking Ball[edit]

In 2011, Ball found himself at the receiving end of a couple of libel suits. In February, University of Victoria climatologist (and now a member of the British Columbia legislature) Andrew Weaver filed a lawsuit against Ball for his op-eds that accused Weaver of incompetence and corruption. In March, Penn State climatologist Michael Mann filed a lawsuit against Ball and his think tank for publishing statements on their websites that claimed Mann was complicit in a "cover-up" of Climategate and that he had committed scientific fraud.[13]

Since the suits were launched Canada Free Press has retracted one of the interviews with Ball on the website.[14] Furthermore, they seem to have scrubbed a good deal of Ball's articles and Ball-related material.[15]

In February, 2018, the suit by Weaver was dismissed on the grounds that Ball's attack on Weaver was so stupid and inept that it couldn't be considered libelous thus doing no injury to Weaver's reputation to an informed reader. [16] Therefore the official judgement of the Canadian court system is that Tim Ball is either an incompetent idiot or someone pretending to be an incompetent idiot.

In August 2019, the Supreme Court of British Columbia dismissed the suit against Ball by Micheal Mann for technical reasons,[17] despite the rantings of climate denialists[18] that claim this is a victory for Ball's pseudoscience.

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