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January 2009[edit]

4In a sickening and desperate attempt to stay relevant as conservatives are being shown the door, Ann Coulter goes back to what made her famous in the beginning: just being incredibly offensive and racist.
8Mommie Dearest's latest "Report": 16% of young evangelicals voted for Kerry, 32% for Obama. Obviously this is the fault of those dang-blasted liberal public schools.
3Deranged Conservatives can't deal with Obama being President, begin planning their suicide charges. Have fun storming the castle, guys!
10Fox News wets themselves over the Large Hadron Collider. Pseudoscience mixed with anti-intellectualism, anyone?
3The Fundamentalist Christian version of "Extreme Sports": Rapture Practice.
2Obama administration: the stimulus plan should not go only to white people. WND and CP: the administration is racist!!!!!111!
2Ann Coulter, Barack Obama inauguration..... Nuff Said.
9Newsmax: "Okay, okay, even we admit it. Bush was a terrible president. Happy now?"
6Conservatives want to do science by poll again, this time on global warming. Idiots. Everyone knows science is done in the courtroom.
9Conservapedia is grouped with muppet wiki, a strange spanish wiki about Chuck Norris and porn(?), and a wiki for Brazilian call girls.
14Brent Bozell has hit a new low, even for him. He's shilling for Ann Coulter! (Quote:"If [the media] weren't liberals, none of her mockery of liberals would bother them." Does Brent apply the same logic to gays I wonder? If so, did he ever get beyond the seventh grade? "Why are you sticking up for the gays? Are you gay? You must be!")
9A creationist tries to fight PalMD but fails epically.
23Clownhall's Dennis Prager lays out the case for marital rape. Most points can be summarized as "Because he wants to."