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February 2009[edit]

15"Pine Cones Are Complicated". School kids prove Evilution wrong. And dismissing Muslim entries due to Biblical inconsistency is never wrong.(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
1Andy is RIGHT (see #9). Otherwise, we wouldn't have THESE. Go read them. SRSLY.
3The Bananaman ups his ante to USD 20,000, calls Dawkins a chicken, then turns off comments on his Examiner page and runs back to his lair with the bravery of ten men because someone said something nasty about his wife. (Who must be something like 550 kg, what with Ray's food fetish and all... HA! raycomfortfood.blogspot.com! LOLcrab... Or something.)
5"You're a heretic!" "No, you!" Ray Comfort and Bill Donohue revisit the glorious history of their respective sects.
0It's truly a shame that THIS will probably never happen... But think of all of the YouTubey goodness we'd get if it did, Mr. Dawkins! MOAR: Ray Comfort is now the national "Creationism Examiner" at, you guessed it, www.examiner.com! (Be sure not to miss Jinx hi Jinx!, ranting in the comment section.)
2CSE Blogs continues to catalog Dr. Dino's descent into madness with "Knee-Mail" posts featuring astral projection, speaking in tongues (Spanish, specifically), and an ultimate shattering of the space-time continuum that would drive Gene Ray to re-write his master theory. Bonus points for the fact that a Babylonian's wife can speak fluent modern English and cite from works that were written long after her time.
6In what alternate universe is this not terrorism? And more charming humor from Mr. Turner. He's like Rush Limbaugh without the peace and goodwill towards all.
5Ronald Reagan Phyllis Schlafly serves up Operation Coffee Cup her latest dose of paranoia, complaining that Obama "got Congress to ram [a measure] through the House and Senate without reading it." We can only speculate who this mysterious "Congress" person is. Remember, it's only OK to rush bills through Congress unread if the initials are "USAPATRIOT".
4WND springs a shocker by saying, "Believe what the Communist Party USA has to say." What would make them say this? They are trying to get people to swallow an even bigger shocker: Obama is a Soviet mole!
2Even in the midst of tragedy, idiocy and bigotry reign.
2WND: Chavez: Bigger threat to U.S. than Osama? Note that while the headline uses Chavez's last name, it uses bin Laden's first name. A subliminal message, perhaps?
1Fed up with wingnut claims that evil communist, socialist and fascist ethics have their roots in Darwin's theories? WND's Molotov Mitchell explains that actually, it's the ethics of conservatives that are based on evolution.
7Remember: If you pray, God will abort other peoples' babies for you. Especially librul babies.
7On the other side of the wacko spectrum, evidently Obama is the second coming of Christ.