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June 2010[edit]

51"Liberals made me want to pull my penis off!" and other weirdness from American "Thinker".
10Farah: The Taliban are wrongly celebrating McChrystal as a victory for them. It is actually a victory for me.
21America is on the verge of outright dictatorship - by having an election in less than six months.
21Were you so ignorant as to think that financial shenanigans had anything to do with the recent recession? Don't be silly. It was due to the Emperor of Japan having sex with a demon.
8Don't worry about radical Islam, they will all be destroyed in the Second Coming.
11Kent Hovind continues his "I am not really in prison delusions" with a trip to Cyprus in the first century.
12Damn politicians trying to hijack the tea-party movement and activists trying to get in front; that is Farah's job.
16Farah asks the important question: If our banks accounts are not secure on the Internet, why are they there? Yes, why should our money be available to us to shop online?
21Victoria Jackson is mad at Christians because they allowed Barack Obama to be elected President. She also believes that her vote for Dubya "voted Clinton out" of office. (He was term-limited out.) Also, her father told her to vote for "anyone with an 'R' next to their name" because "they're closest to the Bible."
30A time dimension, a requirement of Einstein's physics, makes motion impossible!
14 After gunman goes on the rampage in Cumbria it is obvious we need to relax gun control.
19Obama isn't pissed with BP because it's currently failing but because it's British.
12A woman in a brutal fit of rage, or some clever photoshop? (one has to wonder when it's in the Daily Heil)