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July 2010[edit]

25 What happens when you combine Time Cube, sovereign citizen rantings, and Tennessee politics?
-12"More Rich Americans Renounce U.S. Citizenship for Lower Taxes". Although there may be another reason. (The number in 2009 was triple that in 2008.)
18Huffington Post not merely being a haven of science cloggery, but caught deliberately lying. Smoking gun.
12Farah, you are aware that the pot is calling the kettle black, because the kettle is indeed black, just like the pot?
8"There are other free-lancers like you trying to catch Bin Laden? Yes, and they are doing God's work." Not really a clogosphere post, but not sure what to say to this.
20I have found a solution to distant starlight which allows light to reach earth virtually instantaneously. Hat tip FASTER THAN LIGHT!
17Farah: "NAACP should be more like the tea-partiers and stop calling people epithets like racist". Exactly, they should follow the teabaggers' example and just call them fascists instead.
21One does wonder what crime Chrissy Satterfield will defend next. After last weeks "vandalism is bad, but it is all right to vandalise atheists' billboards"; this week "theft is bad, but it is all right to steal US flags from Mexicans - especially if they don't fight back".
32WorldNutDaily reports on the latest terrorist tactic, monkey soldiers.
18BBC News: Children can learn from bad teachers but they shouldn't be tolerated by school management. Daily Mail: OMG! FOUL MOUTHED BITCH WANTS TO EAT OUR CHILDREN!!!
12A Jesuit priest asks "Is the Catholic church a fear-based church? Well, duh!
10Rick Barber, running for Congress in Alabama ran an ad comparing Obama to totalitarian leaders. The Washington Post calls him out on it. Barber replies:I don't bemoan the politics of fear.
-20Apparently, milk isn't a healthy drink, and Edison shouldn't be credited for the lightbulb.
44Atheists vandalize my beliefs.
13Not so much a clog post as one of the more WTF and sickening moments from Yahoo Answers.(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
26Based on a comment made by my husband about a book I haven't read, here's why you're going to hell.
19Casey Luskin criticizes a blog post for not publishing his comments ... on a blog that doesn't allow comments.