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March 2009[edit]

1This has got to be some sort of bizarre joke: YouTube video of an "Obama Youth Drill". (Warning: Reading the comments may make you wonder which side actually won the Civil War.)
27How to be a complete asshole at your childrens' soccer games.
1WorldNetDaily vs Obama round 153: Ex-Naval officer files criminal complaint against Obama for treason - he is surprised when the secret service comes around to visit him.
1Is God Real? Why the DNA structure points to God...
4Another HUGE breakthrough in WorldNutDaily's never ending quest to have Obama removed from office by any means: "The court clerks sent us a letter on behalf of the Justices saying they have got our paperwork. Onward Christian soldiers..."
3What a strange coincidence, Steve Vaus just happens to release the same song about reclaiming America's freedom every time a Democrat becomes President. It's not that your bitter your party lost is it? Nah can't be.
3Argument by metaphor is bad, except for when it's intelligent design. Yeah, that's it metaphor is OK when it's intelligent design.
1Inmate #06452-017 takes a swipe at Richard Lenski, among other things.
1Another WorldNetDaily top story: Save yourself from bankruptcy by buying our shit.
3Another WorldNetDaily exclusive: rant inanely at the President.
9Dennis Prager muses on how the world would be a better place if the scientists and intellectuals would just sit down and shut up.
3On the 19th of March this is the top item on WorldNetDaily, complete with flash symbol say breaking news and "Exclusive" in large gaudy letters. Why?
1Somehow, the words paranoia and persecution complex don't seem adequate for this one
3You would think that a posting that starts by calling Obama the Great Mixed-Race Father in Washington couldn't go down hill from there - you would be wrong.
4 Rape is such an ugly word. Let's say USE (unplanned sexual event) and be happy about it instead! T-shirts available! (Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
2Apparently any Federal spending on education is unconstitutional, but one reader get to the real issue is it biblical?
5Despite the comments of two Republican Senators WorldNutDaily is conducting a 17-option poll on whether Obama is eligible to be President of the US. Results.
4Fox News covers the most important issues of the day: Obama has gray hair!
2Oh Rush, you gave the finest speech in the history of language, if only that damned liberal media would see past their politics and admit it.