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April 2009[edit]

3Who knew Ann Coulter could tapdance? Here she rambles on about how American techniques aren't torture. Sadly Ann cherry picked through the memos and only talks about two individual techniques The old sleight of hand.
1Someone get the butterfly net, Malkin is ranting again.
5Worried about swine flu? What you need is extra poo! Prevent the swine flu by self-induced diarrhea!
15As seen on The Colbert Report, now for your eyes only, George Will's Denim Demon. Now get off his lawn, ya dang kids!
7Best movie reviews on this net or any net: [1] "no sex scenes but woman says that she became pregnant and married a man who was not the real father because the real father was not there with her and didn't write after he went away until she had married the other man about a year later; brief upper male nudity; alcohol in one scene; no smoking; and, Communism overtly rebuked multiple times, kidnapping, extortion, death threats, betrayal, and a wedding kiss." from the review of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Only movie to get a four star rating: Beverly Hills Chihuahua: "Very strong moral worldview where characters choose right and sacrifice for others; no obscenities or profanities; two dogs attack each other a few times; no sexual content; one scene of women in bikinis; no alcohol; no smoking; and illegal dog fights, stealing, con games".
2WND: Gay? You mean 'gay'?
3"The vagina is full of AIDS!!"(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
3Aliens are demons in disguise! Read all about how the rosary can protect you from a probed rectum! Jesus vs. Aliens
4Here to further the ridiculous notion that Vaccines are causing every disease known to man is.... Ace Ventura?
3Kent Hovind's imaginary friend at the Edgefield Federal Correctional Institution in South Carolina is apparently Christopher Walken from the movie Click. (It's nice to see that those taxes he didn't pay buy some reasonably dated entertainment materials.)
-3The latest post from one of the funniest (intentional) violators of Poe's Law on YouTube. Here are the New York Times article and the abstract of the JAMA article that he references.
-2Vampires are just aliens. It is so obvious now you have pointed it out.
1BREAKING NEWS: On average, a fat person is responsible for producing more CO2 than a skinny person.
1Stand by to insert nonsense or gibberish into brain. The latest in the world of self-help appears to be the idea of "MIND TATTOOS". Yes really.
4Buchanan again, this time attacking President Obama because he didn't declare war on all of Latin America because they dared to criticize America. Actual Quote:Civilizations? Before Pizarro and Cortez, the Inca and Aztec empires these conquistadors overthrew were into human sacrifice."
6Creation Ministries International doesn't do sneaky deceit, like the lib-burr-ruls do; they come right out with theirs. In one breath they bash people for having the notion that ID aims "to introduce Christianity into government-run schools;" in the next they speak of ID as part of the "work of the Kingdom" against "the Darwinian lie."
3Pat Buchanan rambles on for what seems like forever. His main point seems to be that United States is falling away from being a Christian Nation, but he forgets that the US never was a Christian Nation. Bonus Lulz Pat rants against the unelected judges forcing homosexual marraige, but leaves out Vermont. Coincidence, surely.
6Uncle Ed just wants to help those new, soft, firm, supple fragile Wikipedians.
6Anderson Cooper has become about the 1,000,000th person to make an immature teabagging joke. The mature way to deal with this: imply he is a homosexual because he never said he wasn't.
5It's great to be black in America, unless you have an opinion I disagree with. Best Quote: "The days of black pimp politicians and activists holding black Americans in thrall with abject deceit and the rhetoric of victimization have got to end." Actually the whole thing quotes well. The man knows how to turn a phrase.
4WND: "Christian views" include opposing federal taxes and illegal immigration. They are obviously citing Buchanan 3:2, Thou shalt secure the border, and Matthew 22:21, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's. (Whoops; that one says you should pay taxes...)
2Nice to know that no matter how long it takes, Pat Buchanan will continue to defend Nazis
1"10 Reasons the Resurrection Really Happened"
6Brent Bozell spends an entire column sputtering and ranting about Family Guy and it's creator Seth MacFarlane. Obviously the dreaded Red Beard has heard about the millions of dollars Macfarlane makes and felt a beard twitch. Note: Hellbent Bozo got his basic facts wrong. (Big surprise.) The song isn't titled "Everybody Poops" (the title of the Taro Gomi book that Stewie holds up during the video). The song is titled "The Freakin' FCC" and you can watch the video of it here.
5Whilst brains are so highly evolved they appear to be "designed", they are still capable of making an argument from incredulity.
13WND poll: Obama bowed before the Saudi king, because a) of he is eagerness to surrender U.S. sovereignty, b) one day all infidels will bow to Muslims or c) another ridiculous strawman.