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May 2009[edit]

1(Not exactly a blog, but...) Some guy on Craigslist is "Seeking comic books scripts that advance the idea of enlightened absolutism backed up by machine guns and atom bombs to solve the problem of illegal immigration effectively." (Their site says they want "parody".)
4Evolutionary Biology? Julie's not buying any of it beyond a few genetic abnormalities that just “stuck.”
1The first rule of bible studies is you do not talk about bible studies get a permit. Another way to spend $10,000 brought to you by WorldNutDaily.
17The "Ida" fossil in Google's logo disgusts Christians who are waiting for the Rapture. Update: The forum is now locked, but you can read more about it here.
19This piece of stupid burns more than my piss does.
5Vatican astronomer makes a courageous defense of religion-independent science, calling creationism "pagan superstition;" this really winds the WND people up.
1What a surprise...
4Politics according to Julie: By being a moderate Republican you have simply aligned yourself with Satan.
6WorldNutDaily have found a way to piss $10,000 into the wind. They could have spent that money on building supplies for a bridge.
9Canadian IDimwit and link farmer Denyse O'Leary interviews Adnan Oktar, a Turkish "doubter" who thinks Darwinism started all wars, and is a pagan religion dating back to Egypt. Denyse nods approvingly.
12WND: The government is impeding our freedoms, by not telling us about the aliens.
9WND: Giving "special rights" to gays is a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. But according to this very same Janet Porter, sodomy laws weren't.
19Shame on you, Obama, for getting a medium well burger with dijon mustard! (Note: Apparently not from The Onion, amazingly. Although you'll note there were none of those on his burger either!)
4Free online ESP test! It's from PsychicCenter.com, so you know it's legit!
3Red Beard is frothing again. To sum up his arguments, Dan Brown is Anti-Catholic, Ron Howard is Anti-Catholic, and people are so stupid that they think the Da Vinci Code is a documentary. Maybe he should lie down and take a nap.
7Concerned parents are concerned. But not with facts. Condoms do not protect against HIV or pregnancy. Remember that and see if you can beat my 80% correct answers!
2From AiG: Creation Vacations!