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June 2009[edit]

6BIBLE BELT NEWS: Julie chats with a demon about tattoos--she includes a direct quote. All part of the "deliverance process."
2WND posts a story about a news conference scheduled for 8 AM EST that will reveal the ark of the covenant! Only, they posted the story at 9:20 EST, and the revelation STILL hasn't happened four hours days later.
0Failure to judge people soley on the basis of the body parts they were born with will lead to The Death Of Morality. Or something.
4Apparently, Some nutheads want to make a big fuss about Obama's Father's Day trip to an ice cream parlor with his daughters by claiming he is oblivious/doesn't care about the Iranian people in regards to the death of Neda. REALITY: He does care about the Iranian people.
-4How to make (and harvest), a miniature lightning bolt. No, I don't understand what the hell they're on about either.
2David Letterman pokes fun at a nitwit and her libidinous daughter, and the Teabaggers turn out in force. Sean Hannity and Jeri "Don't call me Fred's trophy wife" Thompson comment. The conundrum here is choosing the stranger experience - watching the video of their exchange, or reading the transcript. BTW, which trophy wives of Democratic politicians are they talking about here?
19Chuck Norris: You scare me because you are not pursuing my agenda. (Yes, Obama scares Chuck Norris. Truly, he is the second most badass man ever to be President.)
-1Somebody failed. UPDATE: Guess who agrees!
7Pat Boone: "Christians, here come the lions". Because not being permitted to stone adulterers to death is EXACTLY the same thing as being rounded up by Nazi Death Squads.
8Joseph Farah: I know I'm taking Obama completely out of context here, but he says he wants to kill all the Jews!
2AIG again gets it wrong with the whole birds and dinosaurs thing by thinking that a study disproves the notion. Of course, if they had bothered to read the actual research article, they would know that the article doesn't make that conclusion.
-1Convicted huckster and tax fraud shills his wares from his prison cell.
3The inevitable: The Holocaust shooter was obsessed with genetics. Therefore, evolution is false. Or wrong. Or something. Certainly wouldn't happen with an ID advocate.
0"What Fox did is not just create a venue for alternative opinion. It created an alternate reality." You ain't foolin', Krauthammer.
1CMI goes completely gaga: (1) Those little green men are actually fallen angels in disguise; (2) the Great Flood, instead of punishing sinners, was actually aimed to prevent miscegenation between humans and angels.
4"I consider describing them as 'baby killers' to simply be an accurate description of what they do for a living, not inflammatory rhetoric."
9Can't disprove evolution? Just pretend that they will have in the future. More: Best retort yet.
0WorldNutDaily also provides non-birth certificate lulz. "Next frontier? Polygamists demand multi-sex marriage: Activists: New Hampshire plan embeds bigotry into state law". No, bigotry is what they just removed from their laws. For extra laughs, watch them bringing out the tired old boilerplate about "constitutional rights" with regard to New Hampshire, which brought in same-sex marriage by a legislative vote.
0Rachel Marsden finds a whole new angle for Godwin's Law: Goes from Susan Boyle to Hitler
3The birther lulz never end: WorldNutDaily can't work out why they are getting kicked off The Office of Science and Technology discussion boards for posting their birth certificate spam. Bonus Lulz: They thought the phrase 'What the 'birthers' are doing is the equivalent of spamming up a public bulletin board' is a good thing, so much so they posted on the frontpage of their webshite.
2Actually this is kind of bad for them here. WorldNutDaily is being deliberately ignored as it pushes on with its birth certificate campaign, CBS Outdoor won't host their billboards and birther related threads are being deleted off a White House accountability website. What happened to free speech for everyone, including idiots? At least they got the chance to have Obama's press secretary laugh at their question in person.
5From an abstract of a creationist "paper": "Mutations in the Ebg system are clearly not an example of evolution but mutation and natural selection allowing for adaptation to the environment." Hmmm.... last we checked mutation and natural selection are evolution.