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January 2009[edit]

3Though Congressional Republicans have spat on bipartisanship, Republican governors press for Obama's stimulus package to go through.
2¡Ay caramba! Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, decides to use her character's copyrighted voice for a robocall promoting a Scientology event. Will Fox have a cow over this?
2Lie detector company trying to sue scientists into silence.
4After two months filled with media coverage and insane amounts of hubris, Rod Blagojevich is removed from office.
4Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles is now under investigation for hiding child-abusing priests from investigators.
10O'Reilly gets his ass schooled in history by Jessica Alba.
5Here are some nice pictures of Barack Obama's inagauration from around the world (Large load time, 48 images).
4Atheist bus comes to Madrid
2Everyone, chant with me now! "ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!"
7Obama uses Al-Arabiya (an Arab TV station) to give his first televised interview, telling the Muslim world that America is not their enemy. Cue the insane outrage from Fox News in 5...4...
5Rove is subpoenaed in order to testify about Bush firing nine attorneys. Bets will now be taken on how long before Rove gives the finger to the House Judiciary Committee.
6Obama acts to reverse Bush climate moves. Thats 2 promises kept, keep 'em going Obama!
3Antarctica is warming up. (Also, watch the video and try to not think of the Death Star trench run!)
4 Even after the 2008 election, John McCain shows that he's still an obstructionist 'tard.
10Ted Haggard: the gift that keeps on giving and giving. And giving away hush money, too!
5The man in Rome offends. Again. Update: Vatican acknowledges the controversy and calls for the offending bishop to recant his Holocaust denial.
1 Goats turn against their human masters, shock felt around the world
3 In a major kick in the 'nads to the Religious Right and everyone else who would choose not to fund abortions, Obama has reversed the decision on the abortion-funds policy.
2 Blago says he's boycotting (read "skipping") his impeachment trial because it's "unfair". Nixon would be so proud.
3"Tree mortality (has) doubled in just 17 years in the Pacific Northwest and 25 years in California." (I'm sure it's just God's will and that it has nothing to do with climate change. After all, Antarctica is still getting colder, isn't it?)
2A newly discovered type of catfish may offer new insights into the workings of evolution. Will the IDers go nuts or ignore this story?
6In keeping with promises made, Obama has signed a series of executive orders calling for the closing of Gitmo, the use of the Army Field Manual with regard to interrogation methods and a review of policy options for those apprehended "in connection with armed conflicts and counterterrorism operations".
6An Illinois statute requiring a moment of silence in public schools has been ruled unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge Robert W. Gettleman. In his ruling, Gettleman declared "The statute is a subtle effort to force students at impressionable ages to contemplate religion." Illinois will be overrun by locusts any moment now.
4Is the Wasilla hillbilly really upset at the press for their coverage of her spawn children, or is she just trying to keep her name in the news? (Psst! Sarah! You haven't been reelected yet. If you don't get reelected -- and that is possible, you know -- then you're just wasting your breath.)
3In anticipation of all the yowling wingnuts out there, President Obama retakes the oath of office.
4With all the trouble in the world today, it's almost comforting that people can still go slightly insane over small things.
11Now that it's no longer an awaited future event, let's all practice saying it -- Former President George W. Bush and Former Vice President Dick Cheney!!!
4Bill Ayers denied entry into Canada.
3Shedding light on the evolution of the jaw
9Good news everyone: Future federal funding of abstinence-only education is in limbo!
6Weird Science News: The hippies might be right--Our world may be a giant hologram.
4The Atheist Bus Campaign hits a small, yet inevitable snag.
-7Dubya declares a state of emergency for the black guy's Obama's inauguration.
2A crazy theory: Obama's win was presaged by zombie movies being upstaged by vampire movies. But is it crazy enough to be true?
2Over in New Jersey, a little boy is taken away from his loving family; is it because of his name: Adolf Hitler. The "Libertarian examiner has its own spin.
4Not exactly Rational Wiki specific, but what isn't cool about going from London to Timbuktu in a flying car?
3Republicans demonstrate a greater tendency to interpret ambiguous facial stimuli as expressing more threatening and more dominant emotions than do Democrats. (In other words, conservatives are just more paranoid.)
4New York Times: "Marxist principles have been dripping into the minds of American youth for more than a century," through children's books. Perhaps Andy will soon mint us an amusing new theory about a sinister cabal of "liberal" children's book authors.
7Atheist slogan bus campaign starts in London. Reduced service may be expected on Sundays. Update Especially if this driver is at the wheel.
1Goats, the saviour of the world
4"What is it that drives someone to believe the worst and perpetuate the worst, in terms of gossip and lies?" Palin asks the Kettle. Why would someone perpetuate the worst of gossip and lies about another person? Unfortunately, Palin is asking about the media treatment of her, rather than her treatment of Obama.
5Obama takes his place in history, sort of
2Words alone are not enough to describe this sort of idiocy
2Canadian moron Mormon charged with polygamy cries "religious persecution...."
7Christian Voice complains about atheist bus posters on the grounds that there is "scant evidence" for their claims......the words...pot...kettle...and black spring to mind. Also here.
10Individual State teenage pregnancy statistics are out. Although teen pregnancy has been on the rise country wide, 6 of the top ten states are in the Bible Belt, with the rest in the midwest and west. In fact, the states with the lowest rates are all in liberal New England. Maybe that fresh ocean air is a form of birth control.
4There'll be another in a minute: atheist bus campaign rolls out across UK.
4Hopes of wiping out measles in Europe fade due to low uptake. Still, those false MMR scares helped sell papers, so all's well. Not.
2Newsweek article: "It’s Survival of the Weak and Scrawny: Researchers see 'evolution in reverse' as hunters kill off prized animals with the biggest antlers and pelts."
3Guernica in Gaza.
4According to Cheney, it's only illegal if you get impeached
5Tom Cruise claims Scientology cured his dyslexia. What a coincidence, Mission Impossible III cures insomnia
2The Catholic Church released a report claiming that birth control pills are polluting the environment and causing male infertility. They should stick to subjects they know about: discrimination, witch burning and wearing purty dresses.
3The South: "Where we can't even get our morals straight.