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March 2009[edit]

1Beauty queens visit American torture camp at Guantanamo Bay. Actual quote from one of them: "I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful."
6Evolution "works both ways."
1A very interesting case for America: On April 2nd, an immigration judge will look at the case of Uwe Romeike, a German citizen who fled to the United State and is seeking asylum from religious persecution. His rationale: Germany doesn't allow homeschooling.
4McCain may be stupid, but not that stupid. He knows full well not to give any direct support for Palin's possible run in 2012.
3Spanish judge accuses six top Bush officials of torture. The pain in Spain
3"When we sweat water leaves the body through..." One of the many challenging questions facing 16 year olds today.
7Guns. Not very safe if you have teh stupid.
4Black people don't trust police and stories like this are the reason why. A black man was detained for 13 minutes in a hospital parking lot while his mother-in-law was dying inside. UPDATE: Video from the shutdown corner blog.
2This is exactly why Religion and Government don't work well together: A group of Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia want women banned from television and print media.
1A Texas (where else?) state legislator wants an exemption for the Institute for Creation Research that would allow it to grant online master's degrees in creationism. Some sources claim that this would be a master of science degree (which would supposedly qualify the holder to teach at the college level). Other sources claim that this would be a master of science education degree (which is intended for public school teachers). Either way, yikes!
6Prayer. Not very helpful in an aeroplane crash-type situation.
6Meghan McCain supports Obama, and tries to show that not all Republicans are like Ann Coulter and the Assfly
4The devil made her do it. In this case, "it" means "forge $73,000 worth of checks from her church to herself."
3Though we've all known this from the start, we get it straight from the horse's mouth as an ex-Bush official admits that many Gitmo detainees are innocent.
4US deserter applies for asylum in Germany.
8In a clear, hopeful sign that America is ready to rejoin the rest of the world, the Obama Administration declares its endorsement of the U.N. declaration of decriminalizing homosexuality.
3So Bush arrives in Canada to give his speech. Shoes are thrown, signs are waved, cries are heard. Where does this take place? Calgary, Alberta, one of Canada's most conservative cities.
5Pope Benedict XVI has said that handing out condoms is not the answer in the fight against HIV/Aids, as he makes his first visit to Africa as pontiff. (please make up your own snarky comment)
2Cheep booze "out" other people's morals "in". Proposal to change Britain's drinking laws.
3So, only evil atheists go on mass murdering sprees against good, innocent Christians to oppress them... Well, not exactly
1The war against... snark!
1The recession is also impacting America's local and state prison systems. Michigan is the first of what may be many states to release prisoners early to save money. Other states want to end the death penalty because life sentences are cheaper.
3The FDIC, those guys who insure bank deposits, are in financial trouble. Why? Because they haven't been collecting their premiums from banks since 1996.
5In Afghanistan, a student reporter is railroaded and sentenced to 20 years in jail for supporting women's rights blasphemy. Ain't fundamentalism grand?
3Our favorite shoe-throwing Iraqi reporter is sentenced to three years in prison for "assaulting a foreign leader". Now I know that Iraq is trying to impose order, but do they really consider Bush a foreign leader?
1Russia; still a bit crazy...
6Give Bristol Palin a hand, ladies and gents! She's seen the light and split from her loveless engagement with her boyfriend. Now if she could only get away from her parents...
3Wanna know how bad the recession's gotten? It's so bad that it's affecting Sesame Street.
0Alabama man! Unfortunately, it is not about the funny action figure from an episode of South Park. Quite the opposite.
6The sheriff of Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) won't have to tell his grandchildren that he was "just following orders." He has decided to violate court orders by refusing to carry out evictions within the county.
1Mind how you go: one thousand British police officers have criminal records.
4In a legal precedent, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals grants a church sex abuse victim the right to sue the Vatican for its role in the coverup. Next stop, the Supreme Court where five of the nine justices -- Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Kennedy -- are Catholic and four are hard-line right-wingers. Will they vote to condemn their own souls?
2"Where did all the money go? And where did it come from in the first place?"
3Five months ago, Warren Buffett wrote a New York Times editorial telling people not to panic about the economy. Now he has revised his opinion about the economy: It's "fallen off a cliff!" The sad thing is that the average person saw this coming five months ago.
4New study: Religion on the decline in the U.S. (Of course, the study was conducted before the economy tanked. Trinity College should conduct a followup study next year to see how many people can go without this crutch during the downturn.)
1Don't think conservatives have had much influence lately? Check out Jonathan Krohn: 14-years-old, home-schooled (surprise, surprise) and the newest conservative pundit.
4Yet another reason to lose hope with humanity. Take a for-profit health system, add poor children whose parents use SCHIP and Medicare to pay for procedures, sprinkle in assembly line methods and something called a "papoose board," and you have a compelling argument why medicine in general and dentistry in particular should NOT be a free-market enterprise. (If the thought of the dentist's chair makes you squeamish, you may want to read the text and skip the video.)
5Having failed in the US, creationism strikes at UK schools. (Sneaky Bastards!)
5A nine-year-old Brazilian girl who was raped by her stepfather and left pregnant with twins has an abortion, in accordance with the country's law. Result? Her mother and the doctors are excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Update: guess who the Vatican supports?
2The British National Party launches its new anti-immigrant campaign with a backdrop of a Spitfire. Just one problem - the plane is from a Polish squadron.
2Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming gets interviewed about Rush Limbaugh's "I hope he fails" comment. Will he say Limbaugh was wrong? Come on, say it. Say it! SAY IT, YOU SPINELESS HACK!
2Missouri Republicans have officially left the planet Earth and defected to Andyland: A house resolution would amend the Missouri Constitution, requiring the Secretary of State to "determine that each person is qualified for the office he or she seeks, according to the law, before placing his or her name on the ballot. For candidates who are required by the Constitution of the United States to be natural born citizens, the secretary of state shall request an official copy of the candidate’s birth certificate. Other certifications, such as a certificate of live birth, shall not be accepted. Since that doesn't reach the pre-approved level of insanity, The secretary of state shall verify the qualifications of any elected officeholder who was previously placed on a Missouri ballot.
1The Philippines has had democracy and press freedom for over 20 years. So why is journalism there more dangerous than the Martial Law period?
2A mall in New Zealand is now using the ultimate weapon in their fight against juvenile delinquents: Barry Manilow music
4Check your Irony Meters at the door... Anti-Vaccination Movement loudmouth Jenny McCarthy extolls the joys of SHOOTING POISON INTO HER FACE.
3Cui Bono? Rock band U2 accused of "robbing the world's poor"
3The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is back, baby! And they're raising a bumper crop of astroturf.
4Rush Limbaugh is bewildered that women hate him.
1Israeli rabbis tell teenaged couple that their very old-fashioned marriage can only end with a real divorce. Later reports say that the two were just joking around. (The rabbis held firm because the couple "consummated" their "marriage.")