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February 2009[edit]

5Who buys the most porn - red states or blue? This is yet more proof that conservatives don't know where to get free pornography.
3More proof of the American two party system going from Republican vs. Democrat to sane vs. insane. (Read this while you can. The Rocky Mountain News, which published this on 25 February, folded two days later. No telling when they will close the website, so we've taken a picture of the story.)
3Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over and the countdown begins. The day the Iraq War will end: August 31, 2010.
3DEA to halt medical marijuana raids.
3Rwanda's genocidal priest is jailed
4A Catholic priest in Brazil who defended the use of contraceptives and the rights of homosexuals has has been suspended by his archbishop who said "This is intolerable!"
2Wouldn't it be extremely hypocritical of one political party to cry that another party of conducting a class warfare when the previous president (from the first party) gave tax cuts to the wealthy, cut welfare and ignored a horrible event in Louisiana affecting millions of middle-class members? Yes, I thought so too. (It's only "class warfare" if the poor hit back.)
2Does hiding birth "defects" from children protect their psyches, or cause lifelong discomfort with people who are "different?" Britain is abuzz with this question now that the BBC has hired a TV kiddie show hostess who is young, pretty, and was born without the lower half of her right arm.
1Conservatives need a convention to explain to each other that liberals are to blame. The various conference titles are pure genius. You would swear they were parody.
0A new Facebook page was launched after the Republican "response" to Obama's speech: "Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page.
2Is Gitmo worse under Obama? A lawyer who represents detainees says that guards began ramping up the level of torture last December because they want to "get their kicks in" before the camp is closed. (Warning: May cause you to lose any hope you still had for humanity and/or the US government.)
2Dubya's legacy continues to grow! This time, his FDA failed to inspect a hypodermic syringe factory for almost two years, leading to "a series of complaints that its needles were dirty or filled with colored particles."
0In breaking news, scientists have discovered kryptonite. In a related story, hELL has had a major snow storm.
4Why did the British government decide to invade Iraq? "Telling you would be bad for democracy."
2How bad is the credit crunch? American Express is now offering $300 to its cardholders if they will close their accounts.
6Top Gear, a British car show , drives through Alabama after decorating their cars with liberal left wing slogans, result is predictable
1Midlife lesbianism -- it seems that it isn't all that unusual for the sexuality of women over 40 to shift from straight to gay.
5In a pathetic attempt to turn attention away from the fact that they've done fuckall about helping their states through the stimulus package, Republican governors have fallen back on their method of attacking Obama's economic policies as being a symptom of "big government" (it must be reminded that these governors were the ones who were highly vocal about the package's success).
6Of all the many, many things wrong in this horrible story, the worst may be that he used a "youth model (largely defensive weapon of) shotgun."
5Recently discovered papers reveal that Hitler had bad table manners and also believed in "Divine providence". Darn, another blow to the Hitler was an atheist camp.
2Homecoming (drag) queen.
2Lemons into lemonade department: For all those people worried about illegal immigration, the problem is solved!
3Want to register a business name in Pennsylvania? You may have a helluva time if you use any "naughty" words in the name.
5Louisiana Governor Jindal is refusing his state's portion of the stimulus package on the basis that it would cause government to grow "in an unsustainable way". Considering the state of America's economy, does he really think his state will thank him for being so asinine?
2Do declining birthrates have an evolutionary explanation?
6Ireland's worst driver Praw O'Jazdy Prawo Jazdy is finally rumbled.
7Good ol' Blighty!
2A New York Post editorial cartoon seems to compare Barack Obama to a chimpanzee. Would it surprise you to learn that the Post is a sister company of Fox News?
2Pride v. Lust. The Vatican reports that men and women "sin in different ways"
3A North Dakota measure seeks to give fertilized eggs "any organism with the genome of homo sapiens" the same rights as a human being. Oh! Well that's perfectly alright then! I'm sure this will in no way come into conflict with any major Supreme Court rulings, right?
2Chávez 4 ever.
9Ten new species of amphibian are discovered in the country of Columbia. The include one species of rain frog, one species of salamander, one harlequin frog, three poison dart frogs, and three glass frogs. Blink and you'll miss it (theirextinction, that is).
7The daughter of former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin says of her teen pregnancy that abstinence is a good idea but "isn't a realistic option" for teenagers. Mom cringes.
2Authors of the peanut butter argument should take note that a second genesis is actually a respected and quite plausible idea.
2It's official: America's "War on Terror" has utterly fucked up the rest of the world.
-1Hello Obama, goodbye good music...
3A "consortium of pub-going, loose and forward women" in India planned to protest the actions of a group of self-appointed Hindu morality police by going bar hopping and sending pink panties to the group's leadership on Valentine's Day.
0Is evolution over?
2Not content with inventing a new name under which to prosecute blasphemy, the British government is apparently now starting to invent a new name under which to prosecute apostasy.
1Dubya is traveling to the Great White North to deliver his first post-presidential disjointed, ungrammatical, malaprop-laced rambling "speech." Will the World Court send marshalls with handcuffs? Will he call Obama the n-word or worse? Since it's scheduled for St. Paddy's day, will leprechauns throw their green shoes at him? The world awaits.
6For decades, conservatives have sold the myth that privatizing public services is good policy. Tell it to the kids who got sent to juvenile prison for minor charges because the judges in their cases took kickbacks from private prison corporations. (Of course, this is most likely just a couple of bad apples. It can't be a widespread problem, right?)
3Happy 200th birthday, Abe Lincoln! As gifts to you, we have a new coin design and this lovely speech in your honor.
7A special court rules that vaccinations do not cause autism
3"A lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night"
6 An Iowa Trooper has been suspended after he violated his department's policy by, while off-duty and at home, forwarding an email containing mugshots and a claim that Obama has "quite a fan base." He has apologized for his actions, which his department classifies as a political statement rather than a racial one. Certain people who would have hollered blue murder if this had happened under Bush have yet to comment.
6A porn star -- who sounds like she has a lot more intellectual firepower than Sarah Palin -- may run against David Vitter for the U.S. Senate. (Love those potential campaign slogans near the end of the video!)
1The Obama Administration cancels the Cheney Bush Administration's so-called energy policy -- aka "drill, baby, drill" -- in Utah and delays drilling off the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific states to allow more public input.
5It's not wonderful, but it's a slap in the face for ID and YEC
8Jo Hovind (Kent Hovind's wife) joins him in jail for tax evasion
1Herbal remedies for arthritis "mostly ineffective".
3We're born to believe, it seems.
3Sen. Patrick Leahy calls for a "truth commission" to be set up regarding to Bush administration in order to investigate things like the promotion of the Iraq War and warrantless wiretapping. Hopefully this will bring a better understanding to the events and ensure that such abuses do not occur again, but when has that ever worked?
7Ann "Women shouldn't vote" Coulter under investigation for voter fraud - again. She lives in New York and may have voted in Connecticut. Previously, she was under investigation in 2006 in Florida.
2It seems that the "connection" between vaccines and autism was based on faked data. How long before that appears in CP breaking news? They don't censor things at CP, do they? Come on, Andy! (For newbies, that's one of Andy's hottest hot-button issues.)
2Astrology; still big in Delhi.
6Verbatim headline: "OBAMA BIG SPENDING BILL STIMULATES ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY" You can't make this stuff up!
4The doctor who "found" the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, is being investigated for fraud.
2After the Troopergate debacle, where Governor Mooseburger was found guilty of ethics violations and nine state employees (including Todd Palin) were found guilty of contempt, Alaskan legislators have decided to let it all go instead of, y'know, following the law.
7Obama: "There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being." Obama should try reading the Bible sometime. Or if that doesn't convince him, whatever those Esoteric Hitlerists use for their holy texts probably would...
5Obama seeks to create a treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear arms. No doubt millions will have their eyes on the Doomsday Clock.
3Obama creates the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, an organization involving both religious and secular nonprofit organizations in order to maximize benefits in their communities. No doubt Andy will be surprised to learn that James DuBois, the office's new director, is >gasp!< not a Muslim.
5The cheese eating surrender monkeys take on $cientology on May 25th. can't wait.
3Pat Robertson's "prayer offensive" dubbed Operation Supreme Court Freedom may be getting its third and final success, albeit a few months too late: Ginsburg is hospitalized with early-stage pancreatic cancer.
10New Scientist: How your brain creates God
2Christians, upset at the "There is probably no God" bus ad campaign in London, fight back with their own unprovable propaganda.
2Obama signs a bill to extend health care to 4 million uninsured kids.
2Just when you thought Republicans couldn't sink any lower, they start taking advice from a neanderthal.
6Ben Stein withdraws from a commencement speech after widespread protest. The Discovery Institute bitches and moans and bitches and moans and bitches and moans. And now Howard Dean is the speaker! Oh, dear, unite conservative creationists, unite!
0Food Story Two (Peanut Corporation of America): A worker at the salmonella-tainted peanut plant in Georgia saw a rat roasting with the peanuts. Another PCA plant in Texas ran for years without an inspection or a license. And PCA's CEO was on the USDA board overseeing the quality of peanuts. Bon appetit!
2Food Story One (America's omnipresent sweetener): "Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury." So HFCS not only makes you fat and diabetic, it makes you stupid and crazy, too.
7Iceland appoints world's first openly gay Prime Minister
5Just what does it take to be a true Democrat President? Offer of hope? Check! Sensible policies? Check! Embarrassing (half) brother? Check!