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May 2009[edit]

13Two California pastors refuse to conduct weddings until gay marriage is legalised.
13Dr. George Tiller shot dead at his church on May 31. He had been the target of assassination attempts before. He also was the constant focus of Christian groups because his clinic was one of the few that still performs late-term abortions. The right-wing Christian zealots have called Dr. Tiller "Tiller the Killer." His murderer is still at large. UPDATE: A suspect has been arrested.
1A delicate issue of individual property rights vs. the public's right to honor the dead rears its head at the site of the Flight 93 crash.
1New York Times: Conservatives are more likely than liberals to sense contamination. Obviously the entire organic food movement passed these statisticians right by.
9Clear this: Wikipedia banhammers the Church of Scientology.
2The British National Party vs the music.
2Given the choice between his girlfriend and being a Catholic priest, Father Cutie, aka "Reverend Oprah," jumps ship and joins the Episcopalian church. He still has to undergo some vetting before he can be an Episcopalian priest. For instance, he will have to show that he is not anti-gay.
3General Townsend orders his troops to NOT KILL THEMSELVES.
5Marmite: You either love it or hate it. Now we know what Jesus thinks of it.
5Animals can tell right from wrong.MOAR: biological basis for morals
3Apparently, it's only ok for *some* gays to be married in CA. The rest of teh gay, who didn't jump over the broom during the last 6 months, are not equal citizens to the 8000+/- gays who are legally married.
2Moar bad British habits!
6"Frog" bites Scientologist.
5Google doesn't love America, claim a few wacko Christian and right-wing loonies.
3George Lucas was right about the Storm Troopers. Take note that this is from the NY Post, so take it with a grain of salt.
10Liberty University has banned the campus Democratic Club, because it conflicts with Christian values.
14Conservative radio host 'Mancow', having claimed waterboarding isn't torture, proves unable to take it for more than 6 seconds and calls the procedure "torture". Reports of Sean Hannity hiding in a closet are as yet unconfirmed.
5Gentlemen Irish Catholic Church!(See also WIGO below.) You are not alone.
4Wind farm kills goats through "lack of sleep"
4Irish church knew abuse 'endemic'. No snark necessary.
2In Massachusetts, two out of three teacher-wannabes fail the math test. The superintendents' organization blames the teacher prep program; more likely it is that they are now apparently trying to teach theoretical statistics to elementary school students. A dose of Tom Lehrer would not go amiss here.
8During the invasion of Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld published the Dept. Of Defense Top Secret reports with Bible quotes on the cover. Way to go in convincing the MIddle East it wasn't another Crusade. Mind you, it was partly why he was fired.
5The thirteen year old (and illiterate) chemotherapy refusenik and his mom skips town.
4Amnesty International requests everyone's help in saving Troy Davis, convicted of murder upon unreliable testimony without physical evidence, from potential execution.
-3That guy who swam to Aung San Suu Kyi's house sure looks familiar.
14The discovery of a very interesting small primate fossil has been announced - "It tells a part of our evolution that's been hidden so far".
2No sex, please; only Party members are allowed to do that.
10Oh the fun of "take your children to work day".
5Just Imagine.
8In the ongoing saga of Atheist bus ads (See WIGOWorlds passim) the City of Bloomington, Indiana is facing a lawsuit for refusing ads. ("You can't be good without God. You can't," said resident Amanda Delaney. "I don't think they should promote that.")
-1Aussie newspaper publishes some of the pictures Obama does not want you to see (Warning: Graphic Content)
-1 Barack "Change" Obama flip flops and continues the trials at Guantanamo.
3Pirate Bay Update: It's just crazy enough to work!
4What will ID apologists think of this. Countdown to Goddidit in 5... 4... 3...
0Washington Times slips into wishful thinking
10Republicans decide to now call the Democrats in all of their speeches the "Democratic Socialist" party. Yay snarl words and ideological boogymen!
7More of the Change thing: Barack Obama decides to maintain the US government's policy of not releasing photos of American soldiers abusing their prisoners.
7A Texas (where else?) couple uses the largely defensive weapon of gun to kill a seven-year-old they thought was trespassing on their property. (He wasn't.) Reluctant to shoot at a moving target, they waited until he stopped to take a leak before firing.
4A new search engine set to launch this month may make Google obsolete. (Imagine entering "What was the weather in Rancho Mirage when Gerald Ford died?" and getting a specific answer rather than 12 billion hits.)
7Taliban-run madrasah in Afghanistan to one of its students -- don't attend that social function at the school of the infidels. Oh, wait. That's wrong. It should read as follows: Fundamentalist Baptist high school in Ohio to one of its students -- don't attend the local public high school prom with your heathen, public school girlfriend. UPDATE: The school responds with, "The lib-burr-rul media didn't stump for our rules! The Bible says Christians mustn't go anywhere near >ugh!< girls dancing in low-cut dresses."
6Sex.Is.Necessary. And if you tell my wife to hold out, I'll sue.
7Evidently waking up from an eight year coma, Dick Cheney reminds the GOP of its "commitment to the Constitution and constitutional principles".
2More distrust in Wikipedia articles as Irish student hoaxes world press with a widely-reported fake quote.
8Unions do not equal marriage, says former "anti gay marriage" Governor of Maine. Separate but equal never was that good an argument.
5Sometimes serial killers don't look like misfits. In other news, gravity still makes things fall down.
3Interrogation or murder?
2Whoofuckin'pee, us grils can join ... wait for it ... the Swiss guard. Where do I go to sign up?
5Egypt starts its persecution of religious minorities swine flu prevention measures.
13Alberta makes evolution teachings mandatory. Canada 1 Rest of North America 0.
6Miss California Carrie "opposite marriage" Prejean makes a couple of good points.
1Have no fear of Peak oil: here come the Chocolate-powered car and the Ice cream power station.
1Cincinnati just got a little safer.
9 Fred Phelps is among 22 barred from the UK (as is his daughter) despite never having tried to come here. Talk show host Michael Savage is also not wanted.
7Al Jazeera (English) video: "General Order #1" for troops in Afganistan clearly states that there shall be no "proselytizing of any religion, faith or practice." So, naturally, the fundy military chaplains have troops give Bibles to locals anyway claiming that they are just "gifts."
7Gun owners - not paranoid - not at all.
9Literary critic Terry Eagleton: Believing in technology requires more faith than believing in God. Also, you can't answer the question, "Why is there anything in the first place?" without religion. He should read up on his Aristotle ("'Why a thing is itself' is a meaningless inquiry.")
10According to a survey conducted by the Pew Forum, the more you go to church, the more likely you are to approve of torture. The Washington Post has a somewhat scathing commentary on the poll results.
2Some conflicting views from musicians regarding using music as torture.