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Richard Herring

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Richard Keith Herring is a British comedian and writer who was made a Distinguished Supporter of The British Humanist Society in 2010.


Herring has made his skepticism of religion a part of his comedy and in 2001 performed a stand up show titled Christ on a Bike which satirised Christianity. In 2010 he performed a new version of this show titled Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming. He has also many many other stand up comedy tours and has been described by the British Theatre Guide as "one of the leading hidden masters of modern British comedy".

Herring has been recognised as a pioneer of comedy podcasting. He also co-wrote and co-starred in the comedy TV show Fist of Fun in 1995 along with Stewart Lee. Richard toured with the stand up show We're All Going To Die! in which he discussed the topic of death and his view that belief in an afterlife is not necessary to enjoy life.