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Bee in 2011.
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Samantha Bee is a Canadian-born (though she has both Canadian and American citizenship) comedian who hosts the TBS show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.[1] She was previously a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, along with her husband, Jason Jones.[2]

Her show is similar to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in that it also often includes "deep dive" pieces on important yet under-covered issues, as well as good old-fashioned political satire of the sort one would expect from Bee's fellow Daily Show alums (Oliver, Stephen Colbert, etc.). It has been noted for its aggressive and attack-laden style of satire, with Bee often going after Republicans and the NRA. Jonathan van Meter described it as "a bit like a cathartic, 22-minute Sex Pistols set, but instead of hurling spit gobs and insults at the royal family in mid-seventies London, she’s throwing verbal Molotov cocktails into the dumpster fire that is American politics in 2017."[3]