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Sense About Science

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Sense About Science is a British charitable trust established in 2002[1] with the aim of "promoting good science and evidence for the public".[2] Supported by over 2000 scientists, it produces briefing papers for the media about topics such as alternative medicine, vaccine hysteria, climate change and genetically modified organisms.


Each year Sense About Science publishes an overview of celebrity-endorsed woo. The review of 2010[3] includes the following:

  • David Beckham, Shaquille O’Neal, Rubens Barrichello and royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton wearing or endorsing Power Balance bracelets,
  • Cheryl Cole and Cliff Richard extolling the weight-loss benefits of the blood type diet
  • Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore following the 'Master Cleanse' diet of maple syrup, lemon and pepper for up to two weeks with nothing else to eat
  • Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding sprinkling "detoxifying" charcoal over her meals
  • Coronation Street actress Kate Ford endorsing 'Magnaslim' magnetic acupuncture therapy to help lose weight
  • Actress Julia Sawalha using homeopathicnosodes' for malaria prophylaxis

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