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Stefaan Blancke

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Stefaan Blancke (born 1976) is a Belgian sceptic and philosopher of science, who received his Ph.D. in philosophy in 2011 from Ghent University.[1]

Education and research[edit]

In 2011, Blancke received a doctorate in philosophy from Ghent University, Belgium, for his dissertation Towards an integrated understanding of creationism in Europe.[1] The dissertation consists of a number of papers published by Blancke and others over several years, including an analysis of Intelligent Design, a discussion of creationism in Europe,[2] and an extensive analysis of creationism in the Netherlands[3] supplemented with a number of observations and recommendations regarding the teaching of evolution and creationism in European classrooms.

Blancke's main research interests lie with pseudoscience,[4] and creationism in particular, as well as evolutionary psychology[5] and anthropology.

Other activities[edit]

Blancke is a semi-prominent sceptic in Belgium, having published several articles on sceptic website Skepp, of which three deal with creationism in Belgium and the Netherlands, and one with anthroposophy.




Evolution, creationism and ID[edit]

Pseudoscience in general[edit]

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