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Steve Uncles is an English politician who is part of the English Democrats, and is something of an albatross about their neck.


Amongst other things, Uncles is guilty of...

  • Mocking an anti-EDP blogger after he committed suicide.[1]
  • Posting a borderline racist joke online.[2] He later claimed that the post was made by someone who'd accessed his account[3] and then turned round and admitted that he'd made the joke as an experiment to see what reaction he'd get. "If people are told to stop telling jokes like these it turns into something like out of George Orwell’s 1984", he said.[4]
  • Claiming that anyone who doesn't vote for the EDP is "anti-English".[5]
  • Vandalizing Wikipedia with poorly-spelt jingoism. "England is the gratest kingdom in the worled", apparently.[6]
  • Trying to curry favour with the English Defence League.[7]
  • According to one blogger's (quite convincing) theory, operating a set of Facebook pages that purportedly belong to attractive female EDP supporters but are quite blatantly sock puppets used to mock people who have criticized Uncles.[7][8]
  • Having either balls or stupidity (guess which?) enough to tackle an armed robber in Central London in 2013.[9]

And all this is from a man who has stood in a parliamentary election.[10]


Uncles' behaviour was so outrageous that a number of people who broadly sympathized with the English Democrats' stance refused to support them because of the man. EDP member Ed Abrams left the party due to its ties with questionable far-right groups, which he blamed Uncles for.[11]


In February 2011 EDP chairman Robin Tilbrook announced that he had accepted Uncles' resignation. The press release's portrayal of Uncles was largely positive, commending him for "many exceptional services to the Cause of English Nationalism and his innovation and drive in moving the English Democrats forward to the point where it is now the 7th largest political party in England" and presenting him as a liability largely because of "false allegations of negotiations between our Party and Sinn Fein or the BNP" as opposed to his daft antics online.[12]

Despite this, Uncles has still been trotted out as a spokesman for the party,[13] and is now back in business as their candidate for Kent's Commissioner of Police.[14] We're not waiting up on the victory party.


Uncles runs a bizarre blog entitled English Passport.[15]

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