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Too much biased information[edit]

This page about Chris Kresser seems to be biased and picking out bits of information about the person or excerpts from his statements to conform to that very same bias. For example it starts off by saying he is an anti-vaxxer and a cholesterol denialist which: a) He has never claimed that he is an anti-vaxxer apart from mentioning some concern of certain vaccines which is something taken out of context given the vehement nature of this topic; b) How do you even define a cholesterol denialist in the first place? Kresser has been adamant against the conventional guidelines for cholesterol [1] but to say someone is a cholesterol denialist implies that he doesn't believe cholesterol exists or affects health in any way which is definitely not what Kresser has stated on this topic. These two things are just the beginning of what is wrong with this page and instead of cherry-picking biased information this article should definitely point out his beliefs but if aimed for full transparency should provide information about every aspect of his work and career like his work in functional medicine and mission of changing how healthcare works to provide better support for people with chronic diseases. Those parts about his career are nowhere even mentioned despite being 90% of his work. As such, this page at first seems like a blatant attack on the reputation of his career and work and should be changed and edited in order to coincide with the purpose of RationalWiki and its values. Jwelckoff (talk) 12:08, 23 December 2019 (UTC) — Unsigned, by: Jwelckoff / talk / contribs

The page is pretty good. It cites all sources, statements factual. Your opposition, on the other hand, is bizarre. The page shouldn't say he's an anti-vaxxer? Shouldn't say he's a cholesterol denialist? He is those things. The page is right in presenting clearly the woo Kresser is promoting.Wikiditm (talk) 09:24, 28 December 2019 (UTC)